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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Introducing the Regional Coordinator for the UMDF(our region)

I had the pleasure of speaking with Cassie Franklin(UMDF) recently.

One of the things that even those that dislike my opinion(or me!) can agree on is that there is a divide in Houston for support. I think many feel very alone on this journey and often have no idea where to turn for help,resources or just support.

My impression of the UMDF and Cassie's representation of the UMDF is that they want to make sure that ALL Mito patients feel comfortable and aware that the UMDF is here to support all whether you see a Dr. in CT or WA or Fl, or if you see a Dr right here in Texas. They really do want to support us to work as a community to help everyone.

When she says to call her for anything, she really means it! It was a great conversation and I feel much more centered about what I need to work on to help support the greater Houston Mito community in 2013.

I asked Cassie if she had an introduction that I could share here. For those who have not had a chance to get to know Cassie, give her a call.

Hi, I’m Cassie Franklin, and I’m the (fairly new) Regional Coordinator for UMDF in your area. Actually, I live in the DFW metroplex; so considering that our region stretches all the way up to North Dakota, I’m pretty much your UMDF next door neighbor! My job is to help connect you with any information, support people/opportunities, awareness materials, etc that you could ever want. And, I do my best to help connect people/families/patients to others. Please feel free to contact me directly by email cassie.franklin@umdf.org or phone 979-571-2147.

I really want to hear from you, and my goal is to help volunteers in your area create experiences and opportunities that fit your needs. In fact, if you would like to be a volunteer, we are ALWAYS looking for more voices for awareness, more listeners and planners for support, more walkers for EFL, and the list goes on! We have some Muffins for Mito meetings coming up at the Woodlands Mall—I hope you can make it! There isn’t any formal program, just time and space to connect with other patients/families over muffins. If you want more info, please let me know!

If you are at all curious about who the heck I am as a person and/or how I came to the UMDF: I am in the yellow shirt on the left in the photo with my husband and my brother’s family at the Central Texas EFL. I am not a mito adult or mito mom myself, but my nieces (the three kitten-faces in the photo) have a church friend with mito. That is how I came to learn about mitochondrial disease, and I just happened to be job searching (right place, right time) when the UMDF position came open. My husband and I are both Aggies (Classes of ’02 and ’06). He works in IT, and I am a nonprofit professional—passionate about working for a great cause. I am also on Facebook if you’d like to friend me and communicate that way. I hope to hear from you and I will do whatever I can to support you and further the search for a cure.


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