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Monday, January 28, 2013

Miralax is DANGEROUS!

Last year I posted about how sick this product made Abby and many others. How it is dangerous for Abby and my "gut" is betting it is dangerous for many. Drs. are still claiming it is perfectly safe. It is NOT. It makes my stomach turn to think that Miralax is the first chemical many parents are told to give their children who have Mast, Mito, autism the very populations that are more likely to react badly(since these populations tend to have a higher rate of reactions in general)

Please read the article below and consider speaking to your Dr about finding an alternative that might be safer.



Jenna said...

Thanks for posting this. I saw another article but I couldn't find it again. I was talking to my son's nurse about this yesterday. I know this is a lot to ask but is there anyway you can give me a list of natural alternatives? Off the top of my head all I cant think about it backstrap molasses. I have an appt with his GI tomorrow and would like a list that i can show him I would rather try than miralax.

Diane said...

Is he eating by mouth at all? Abby can eat the foods she needs to eliminate constipation.

I don't know much about what natural measures the parents with tubies are using.

Black strap is very effect and also loaded with nutrition. My oldest uses Senna when she needs something. That can cause some cramping in some but she cramped from miralax so she says it is the same difference. Definitely would check with his GI before I would give him anything - The article lists all of the laxatives/softeners that contain PEG there are tons of products that do not contain PEG that your GI should be aware of - if you run into problems I can do some digging around and ask some of the parents what they are using other then PEG for their tube fed babies.

Jenna said...

Matt doesn't eat many foods by mouth, which makes it easier. I can blend up food and put it through his tube to help. When I spoke to his nurse today she told me he really only recommends miralax, so I am hoping he will understand me wanting to go natural.

Diane said...

I know a few kids with tubes that just need something stronger then foods. Their parents won't use Miralax or any other laxative with PEG in it, but they said there are lots of other laxatives over the counter that are much safer then Miralax.

Hope you find the right choice!

Kristy Williams said...

Ivan had a horrible time with the Miralax flush his GI told us to do. We were supposed to then keep him on a daily dose. No freaking way! When I called back to discuss options they said Benefiber (even though he's gf). I said no. Then they suggested a prescription full of corny stuff, dyes and aspartame! Another NO! We're trying to keep things moving with diet, but we really have to stay on top of it.

Anonymous said...

I had a horrible experience with my daughter. Your right its POISON! Rosemarygutierrez289@yahoo

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