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Monday, January 21, 2013

Toasted Coconut Butter

Dried coconut shreds(I used Nutiva macaroon shred), a bit of sugar or honey, a dash of salt.

Amazing butter spread. Toasting the coconut shreds adds a complex flavor that you cannot help but love. It has that stick to the roof of your mouth texture like a peanut butter.. Not sure we are going to make this often because we have been hard pressed not to just eat it straight out of the jar!

1 pd bag of Nutvia macaroon coconut fine
1/2 cup cane sugar( or 1/3 cup honey should work fine or other sweetener of your choice)
Dash of pink himalayan salt

400 degree oven.

Large cookie sheet or baking dish.

I spread the shreds out evenly on a large cookie sheet(with sides). I toasted the coconut. About every 3 minutes I would pull the coconut out and stir it to get the toasting as even as possible.

In the Ninja(1100 or better watt)I poured the toasted shreds, sugar and salt. On high I processed. Every so often I would stop and scrape the sides down well. This takes awhile so be patient and just keep blending until it is "butter."

I store in the fridge. It will get hard like coconut oil does. leaving it at room temperature for a few hours or in a hot water bath will soften it. (or zap in the microwave about 5-7 seconds! Melts fast!).

On toast, in place of frosting, as a filling.. or straight out of the jar.

Abby and I think we are going to use this toasted coconut butter and blend it with the chickpea nofu instead of using the premade coconut cream- I suspect the flavor will be better, and the texture of the nofu will help keep it softer.


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