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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wisdom teeth

Well her wisdom teeth are not behaving "wisely" . :-)

Impacted. Jammed on her nerves, against her sinus wall, against the other tooth roots- a real mess.

So, this should be interesting to get everything safely set up to have them removed with the least amount of stress to her body.

2013 may be the year of "learning". I was prepared to argue, but one look at where they were at in the films and my jaw started aching.

Maybe, the pain is part of the flares- so despite the risks, removing the pain might allow her continued improvement.

Here we go 2013!


Laura said...

Best of luck to Abby. I hope she gets through the tooth removal safely and it helps her feel better!

Jenna said...

When is the surgery planned? Are they going to put her all the way under or just numb her? I will be praying that it all goes well and she recovers very fast.

Diane said...

No plans yet. We have decided to consult with a few different Dentists and oral surgeons- our theory is if a Dr. can justify cutting someone they will be determined to do so 9 times out of 10 even if there are other options :-) We will see her family Dr and talk with to him as well. He is like us and believes less medicine is healthier in general and especially with Abby. Statistically something like 70-80 percent of wisdom teeth are removed unnecessarily- so despite feeling rotten about her hurting, I dont want to just look at the quickest fix. Hopefully by the end of next week we can have a better idea of what "must" happen to give her the best outcome whether intervention or not.. We have talked with a lot of folks with horrible impacted wisdom teeth that opted to keep them and suck it up and are so glad they did- Abby can handle sucking it up if it means more stability for her. So hoping we get wise counsel next week- such a hard decision though - sigh.. Hope you guys are well!

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