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Friday, February 15, 2013

Corn Triggered Autoimmune Disease?

The longer I follow the corn allergy community the more I think that for at least a part of the community their corn allergy exceeds being only an intolerance or allergy. For a smaller population within the greater corn allergic population, their symptoms are very similar to someone with celiac or other chronic disease process. With gluten, there are populations who are "gluten intolerant" "Celiac" and "wheat and other grain allergic." I suspect a similar classification for those getting so ill from corn.

Some of the symptoms I have noted within our growing population:

muscle and joint pain
nutritional deficits.
All sorts of GI issues from constipation to rapid emptying.
developmental delays
failure to thrive.
multiple allergies
brain fog
other behavior issues
hair,skin and nail disorders
immune issues
autoimmune disorders
(and many other common symptoms)

Other chronic health issues. Autism, Mast,MS,RA Mitochondrial disease,other autoimmune diseases, seem to be prolific among our growing population.

We can speculate it might be GMO, or vaccines, or any number of other insults, but I am really starting to think that like celiac disease from gluten, we have some sort of severe and significant disease process triggered by corn.

If you have read my blog or are active in the corn community- you know it is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid all corn- in the stores, schools, all foods, papers,fertilizers,fortified foods are very corny, organics,meats and fish rinsed in corn,medicines,vitamins,supplements,soaps, toothpaste,toilet paper, feminine products,plastics, you name it and it has some sort of corn contamination. The really scary one is, did you know there is NO formula or supplemental formula that is ABSOLUTELY clean of corn? A hospital trip is really signing up to be "corned" hospitals from IV's to meds, to bandages are packed to the brim with corn contamination.

IF, the only way a celiac can heal is to allow absolutely NO gluten in any amount into their bodies, it would be the same with corn- which would literally turn our food chain upside down- no wonder no Dr. is willing to acknowledge this growing health threat. A few brave Drs. have "touched" on it, but I have yet to see a research publication or a book that really explains how toxic corn is to this population.

I know that one of the key things in healing Abby has been avoiding all corn contaminated products like the plague- not easy. At best I can guess we are 80 percent clean of corn in what we bring into our home. IF, the allergy and Immunology community of Medical personnel would acknowledge this progressive and dangerous trend and possibly that it could be a disease similar to Celiac it could give thousands of American's a chance to heal. We could get any product with corn labeled. Any minute amount- GMO's labeled. Companies would be more likely to leave out unnecessary hidden corn contaminated ingredients to comply. Even then, corn in the exhaust, building supplies- it is a frightening world for someone allergic to corn.


Teresa said...

Oh, I really do love your blog! You always put my thoughts into words in a way that I can't! DD (age 10) tests allergic to corn in both RAST and skin tests. Still, even her allergist insists we "just try" OTC meds like Benadryl and Advil. Aside from the physical reactions she has to corn, we also see behavioral and OCD-like reactions to corn derivatives that greatly affect her quality of life. I don't dare tell those same doctors about that or they'd never take me seriously again. (Well, I've tried a few times but it's like I didn't even say anything...so I don't bother anymore). The worst is when she's needed an IV in the hospital...with dextrose. Anyway, I also suspect there's something more at play in this than a classic allergy response. I think her body's allergy response (IgE) is just its attack on the presence of the foreign bodies (non-broken down components of the corn perhaps?) in her blood. But what other harm is it doing? Hard to say since the medical community, so far, won't go there...

Diane said...

You said that perfectly Teresa! After talking to so many corn allergic families- I am beyond horrified that Drs especially allergists and immunologists are not taking this destructive and damaging allergy more seriously! We feel very lucky that our family Dr. takes our dd very seriously and believes her and I when we say NO CORN!
Hugs! Hope you find someone who will help ! Sooner or later they are going to have to listen because by the day the documentation is growing and the numbers developing corn allergies is shocking!

Tabitha said...

Yes!!! My son has been through every test in the year he has been alive. I have Celiac and his corn intolerance is so much harder. Our doctors are stumped. I hope we find help soon because we just get told that it isn't possible.

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