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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Great Day

Yesterday Abby had a Dr. appointment, nothing special just a follow up.

For Abby to go anywhere it is usually a 2 day process. Thursday is me washing her hair. Also, her showering if she is up to it. Friday morning she gets dressed and lays back down for a nap. Then help with hair etc. Then normally we would hit the Drs. office and beeline home and get her back in bed because she would be miserable by then.

Abby asked to stop by the Pet store.

First she asked! Second, no wheelchair. Third even after a Dr. appointment and shopping she stayed up had dinner, and managed to stay awake as long as I did!

I felt beyond overwhelmed watching her shop. I admit, I am a shopping junky and somewhere in my thoughts of what the perfect family should be I always envisioned both the girls all grown up and meeting up with their old Mom to shop. Seeing her look so deliciously normal made my day and rekindled those dreams and expectations of our future. Normally, the chemicals, grains would have had her wobbling in any store, but yesterday she was immune, or at least nothing triggered her at the Pet Store. Even if she is flared from the extra activity and is down for a few days, well worth it. The way I felt was very much like the feelings I had when I saw her take her first steps, or saw her pack up happily for her first sleepover years ago. It just felt like the beginning of something wonderful.

Despite the flares over the last few months and the colds, she is getting stronger.

Life is good.

Hopefully, if she flares it is minimal. Maybe, just maybe sooner then we think, she will ask to go a lot of places again.

Now to make some fresh chicken soup to help her recover more quickly.


Anonymous said...

Great and wonderful for you both. I needed to read something like this today.
We too are better in my world. I am just really angry at all the garbage we went through to get here..
But this has made my heart smile.....

Diane said...

Ditto Jo! Glad I could share our joy! But, it is upsetting that we all have to fight so hard for what amounts to common sense at times- You and your boys were on my mind yesterday. The sun was out, and hoping winter is a short one for you guys. Makes me thrilled to know you guys are having a good one too!

Laura said...

Yeah, Abby!!!

Circus of 6 said...

Oh Diane that is fabulous!!!

Kristy Williams said...

Yay! I think we have a better appreciation for the "little" things that so many others don't even consider. :)

synapticjen said...

Great to see some good news! Thank you for reading my caring bridge blog and sharing yours here. I can definitely relate to Abby having little energy to go shopping, take a shower or just get through the day. There are always compromises to be made to save energy. I'm glad she was able to go to the pet store that day. I know when I go out I am often only able to do one or two things, especially on doctor appt. days. I don't know if you knew this, but I also have mitochondrial depletion syndrome like Abby, so we are even fighting the same type of mito!! Tell Abby she will be in my thoughts and prayers and tell her to keep on keeping on. This is a hard road we travel, but we can make it, especially with the support and love of others. Love and peace to you both, Jenelle http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/jenelle

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