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Monday, February 11, 2013


I have never been a huge magazine fan, but with this last year of having to learn or re learn how to eat properly and clean up our home environment to make it friendlier for Abby I have found a few magazines we are all enjoying(except Abby, the shiny photo's set off her allergies so if she flips through one she has to wear her mask.)

Living Without

For the gluten intolerant, gluten free, and Celiac. This magazine also covers dairy free and a few other allergies on a regular basis. I have found a few terrific recipes and some great information on the latest allergy research in these magazines. Their website has plenty of great information for free, but if you subscribe you can also access back issues and other great information. For newbie's learning to live without gluten, I recommend it.

Mother Earth Living

Not an allergy related publication, but after reading my first issue- I LOVE this magazine! From covering tough issues like GMO, to learning to cook with basic clean ingredients this touches on everything. Had a great segment about using vinegar around the home, and terrific listings and reviews of various companies providing safe and clean products. Definitely a thumbs Up!

Allergic Living

Some very basic information for those new to allergies. Tons of basic information on allergies and children. I would not say this is a bad publication, but just doesn't apply to our lives as much as the other two- it is pretty commercial and since most "commercial" products have chemicals, preservatives, colors, and or corn- just hasn't been helpful in teaching us any new ways to approach our new life style.

Googling this morning I found a few that I may get a subscription to- Allergy and Asthma Today,Coping with Allergies and Asthma

Of course, I have yet to find any mention of Mastnin these magazines! LOL But maybe one day.


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