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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Small Appliance Addiction..

Every time we head out to shop I keep my eye's open for a "new" small appliance. I am a huge fan of shopping on Amazon too(can find many hard to find food items for Abby there) and Amazon has every type of small appliance you could dream about! From waffle makers to pressure cookers my addiction has filled the cabinets! I buy them used, new, on sale or full priced- I almost have as many small appliances as shoes!

Hands down the pressure cooker is the most used item in my growing collection. The girls love all 3 waffle irons(full size, mini round, and mini animal,the mini animal I could do without- a royal pain to fill tiny monkey tails with batter!) I have a pasta roller under the counter I am gearing up to give a try.

Then the toaster oven. I had to replace mine this year and we aren't happy with the new one so I am on the look out for a better replacement. Especially during the summer months I use the toaster oven frequently. Also since I am often cooking for just one(Abby) the smaller toaster oven is just easier for single portions.

Right now I am eyeing a tortilla maker. An electric one. One that will help me make fluffy, round gf roti and tortillas! Abby is such a good sport about eating my sad looking tortilla's! Plus, without the electric maker I have to roll the dough by hand and then cook on the stove top it really gets to be a big project and gf tortilla's(at least mine)are not good enough to want to freeze for another day.

Over the Christmas holidays there were mini makers everywhere! Mini donuts, french toast sticks, cake pops and mini pie makers. I brought home the mini pie maker that I spotted on the after Christmas clearance rack. It is a bit of work to roll and cut the right sized pieces of pie crust dough, but there is just something so wonderful about cute hand sized pies that I have held on to it!

My other daily use appliance is the Ninja blender- not sure I could do as much of Abby's cooking without it.

The rice cooker is almost a member of the family, it frequently appears on the counter.

Another necessity appliance for me is the bread maker. Over the years I have never been a great yeast bread maker. So needless to say when we went gluten free my first attempts were not even anything we could eat! The bread machine that has a gluten free option is required for me at least!

Then the dehydrators- definitely a requirement! From fresh herbs to peaches in season to chicken jerky the dehydrators allow us to stock up on the safest ingredients for Abby's food(and ours!).

Of course we have a regular old toaster, electric can opener(both I never use!), a plain old coffee maker(k-cups would cost a fortune with the amount of coffee I drink!). The vacuum sealer I almost forget about! But for dehydrated fruits,jerky and veggies it really helps prevent spoilage.

Oh and almost forgot to add the ice cream maker! We stumbled across a like new counter top ice cream maker at a favorite thrift store- to our amazement it worked perfectly and they were nearly giving it away! No more ice cream bowl being kept in the freezer! The only downfall to having the ice cream maker is that it is huge,heavy and loud! But so worth it. Last time we used it we moved it to the laundry room- we closed the door and it did not bother us at all! Probably a good thing it is a hassle, otherwise we would be making a lot more ice cream and it really is supposed to be a treat not a staple!

Lastly, the yogurt maker. I know I "don't have to have it" but I was so leery about making yogurt at first it seemed important to have a "machine" to maintain the perfect temperature.

Years ago I had a kitchen Aid mixer- but honestly hardly used. I do use an electric hand mixer and now and then I check out the Kitchen Aid mixers and now the Breville mixers wondering if at this point with all the cooking I would use one more... but then I would have to find room for it or haul the heavy beast out of a hidden cabinet space to use it.. not yet.

I really do need to shrink the appliance herd before I bring anymore in, I am running out of space! I think my addiction helps keep me creating new foods for Abby, or at least that is my justification! Not too many years ago I considered an electric can opener a luxury item- I cannot imagine doing the cooking I do now without all my toys. When I think about all the foods our parents and grandparents cooked without even one of these nifty appliances it amazes me and also propels me to learn to make even more safe foods for Abby, after all, if they could do it without any appliances , certainly I have it much easier!

Maybe it was my way of dealing with the rougher part of Abby's journey. There are worse ways to cope then a herd of appliances right?


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