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Friday, February 8, 2013

Titers- NOT a reliable tool

This seems to be a tool that many Drs. are using to gauge how many more vaccines a child should or could have to reach that accepted level. I started reading about what "titer" meant and was shocked to find out it really is useless in deciding whether someone has immunity, at least based on what I thought it meant.. I was under the impression it was some sort of absolute that proved whether you were immune or not- I was wrong.

The most interesting part of googling the topic is that most of the hits explaining why using a titer result was pointless were all referencing Veterinarian websites- yet again, our pets have Drs. with potentially a more relevant education.

As usual, I suspect that the "truth" or "facts" lie somewhere between what the government and medical world want us to believe and what the other side want us to believe.

The cut and copy below came from the Vaccination Liberation Information Website

Titers: What do they tell us?

From: http://www.caberfeidh.com/Titers.htm
Titers: What do they tell us? [Selected quotes only...]
By Christie Keith

A "titer" is a measurement of how much antibody to a certain virus (or other antigen) is circulating in the blood at that moment. Titers are usually expressed in a ratio, which is how many times they could dilute the blood until they couldn't find antibodies anymore. So let's say they could dilute it two times only and then they didn't find anymore, that would be a titer of 1:2. If they could dilute it a thousand times before they couldn't find any antibody, then that would be a titer of 1:1000.

A titer test does not and cannot measure immunity, because immunity to specific viruses is reliant not on antibodies, but on memory cells, which we have no way to measure. Memory cells are what prompt the immune system to create antibodies and dispatch them to an infection caused by the virus it "remembers." Memory cells don't need "reminders" in the form of re-vaccination to keep producing antibodies. [**]
(Science, 1999; "Immune system's memory does not need reminders.") If the animal recently encountered the virus, their level of antibody might be quite high, but that doesn't mean they are more immune than an animal with a lower titer.


So what does a low or zero titer tell you? Nothing much. A high titer is strongly correlated with either recent infection or good immunity, but the opposite isn't true. You can use a titer test about two weeks after vaccination to determine if the vaccination was effective in stimulating an immune response (in other words, if the animal was successfully immunized from the vaccine), but testing that same animal's titer years down the road doesn't really tell you anything new.


Laura said...


This is sooooo important. Once I learned that vaccines do not confer immunity, it sealed our decision to stop vaccinating. Here is another interesting study about autoimmunity induced by excessive vaccination..


Diane said...


Great link! It is insane- I have heard countless stories of mito/autism kids getting massive vaccines(because they do not titer).. no one ever connects the rapid progression of the disease with the vaccines.. sigh. Though Mito can be rapidly progressive, that is not the case for all. I wonder at times how many have had a rapid progression triggered by the medical interventions- We are not going to be guinea pigs any more.

Derek and the girls don't titer to many - and we won't be getting anymore vaccines in our home either.

Laura said...

William has good titers to pertussis, ( we vaccinated according to CDC schedule until he was 4) but still was infected with it several years ago, triggering 3 months of asthma exacerbation and a hospital stay.

Diane said...

Pertussis- I have heard about a few who were "vaccinated" and still got it..

On one site I read that during a major measles outbreak a few years ago- 87 percent(foggy on the number)of the patients who had measles- were also all vaccinated.

Also read that the flu shot has not reduced death rates in the over 65

I get that some of the diseases they are trying to protect our children from are crippling, but I also think vaccines are faulty to the point they are causing more issues then they are protecting us from..

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