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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

UK,Canada,Australia get the good food, they Add the BANNED Chemicals to the American Foods

From the 100 Days of Real Food-

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And that’s the problem – the food industry is the one leading our conversation in this country about food and nutrition, educating the mass public about what to eat and what not to eat. Coca-Cola recently even went as far as creating a special campaign to combat obesity – yes you read that right – a sugar filled soda company trying to stop obesity. (You can read my reaction to that here).

Unfortunately, the doctors in this country are not exactly leading the discussion either, since nutrition is not currently a focus in medical school. And the government has their hands tied by big food industry and chemical company lobbyists that basically control what the FDA approves, deems safe for human consumption, and our overall food policy.

So who is going to finally tell us the truth about our food?

The food industry does not want us to pay attention to the ingredients nor do they care about the negative effects from eating them. They certainly don’t care about the astronomical medical bills that are a direct result of us eating the inferior food they are creating.

The HELP we need starts here. We as a collective nation must stop this trajectory of sickness and rising health care costs, by understanding the ingredients we are putting into our bodies. We must challenge the U.S. food industry to discontinue the use of banned ingredients that are not allowed elsewhere in the world. We deserve to have the same quality food without potential toxins.

Food is medicine, and plain and simple, if our food is sick (filled with GMO’s, chemicals, additives, artificial ingredients, and/or carcinogens), collectively we as a country are going to continue to be sick.

Using banned ingredients that other countries have determined unsafe for human consumption has become a pandemic in this country. To prove this point, I found the best and easiest place to look for evidence was just across “the pond” in the United Kingdom, where they enjoy some of the same types of products we do – but with totally different ingredient lists.

It is appalling to witness the examples I am about to share with you. The U.S. food corporations are unnecessarily feeding us chemicals – while leaving out almost all questionable ingredients in our friends’ products overseas. The point is the food industry has already formulated safer, better products, but they are but they are voluntarily only selling inferior versions of these products here in America. The evidence of this runs the gamut from fast food places to boxed cake mix to cereal to candy and even oatmeal – you can’t escape it.

Oh you can escape it, but through our journey this last year, it is NO EASY Task!

So the companies that make most of our products on the shelf here, make a much cleaner and safer version for Australia, UK, and even Canada- then turn around and mix a special batch of chemicals and banned ingredients for Americans- Seriously- Don't eat it. The US has some of the highest rates of childhood chronic illness, diseases, obesity- Why? The poison we feed ourselves and the vaccine schedule isn't helping either. In my Opinion! Why else would Abby get worse with medical foods and medicines but get markedly better with clean foods? She isn't alone either, I know many families and more each day ditching the poison in the box we used to think was food and finding that their children are getting healthier-


Laura said...

I have been aware of this for a few years. Can you believe we willingly poison ourselves and allow corporations to get away with it?? Just amazing!!
I was so proud of Will one day. We were going someplace in the car and a freind of his was with us. the friend had a bag of Skittles. Will saw it and asked for the wrapper. He started reading it to his friend and told him that none of it was real food, but a load of crummy chemicals that would make him sick!! LOL!!

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