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Saturday, February 16, 2013

What Makes a Great Mitochondrial Dr.?

1) Professionalism.

2) A well run office. Accountable for the work ethic and appropriate training of their staff.

3) Knowledge- the more Mito Patients and other unique patients they have seen, the better.

4) Willingness to listen.

5) Takes the patient or parents seriously.

6) Acknowledges multiple treatment methods- what works for one, isn't necessarily the best choice for all.

7) Encourages 2nd and 3rd opinions.(Any Dr. that tells you not to, or they won't work with another specialist- is a red flag to RUN!!!)

8) Acknowledges that even the best, don't know the half of it.

9) Thoroughly reviews patient records and medical history before appointment, but refrains drawing conclusions about a patients health status until they have seen the patient and preformed their own validations. You are paying for their opinion, not for them to backup the last Dr. you saw.

10) Communicates well with the patients other Drs.(or staff that is trained properly to ensure open and speedy communication)

11) Is a Dr., NOT your friend. An even halfway reputable Dr. understands they cannot be friends as well as a Dr. to their patients.

12) Lives by, "First do no harm."

13) Curious and passionate about "new" tests, new symptoms, new research.

14) Willing to work with the specialists the patient picks, instead of insisting on the patient seeing Specialists they have relationships with..

15) Bedside manner.


Anonymous said...

I would say this is what makes a great doctor, not just a mito one. Plus I think the ability to say I don't know but I will try to find out/learn...
AND in the case of paediatrics the wisodom to listen to teh parents especially of very young children.

Reagan Leigh said...

Let me know when you find one!! (It's like the holy grail or the chupacabra!)

Diane said...

Jo- yes! This is a good list for any Dr!!! :-)

- Maybe I should have listed it as a "wanted Advertisement" LOL


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