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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

The older the girls get the more pleasure I get putting together "baskets" for them each Easter. This year we broke tradition and went with "gift bags" but only because I found the cutest tissue paper ever and HAD to buy it!

I know they are getting a little old for baskets right? Not really! If anything as they get older they value that gift on Easter Morning a lot more. They understand the value of money and the cost of things. They understand that I am fiercely practical and random useless items are truly a gift from the heart when I buy them. Derek and I get a huge amount of joy from their disbelief that we insist on continuing this childhood tradition.

I remember loving all the little dust collectors. Those odd little tiny wood boxes stamped with cute art, or a decorative hard boiled egg holder that I promise will never be used in my house. Those silly adorable chicks shaped out of bits of pipe cleaners. I can step back in time when shopping for those "pretties." For a day I can be young again and simply enjoy seeing some cute little item that has no value besides that it is little, and cute and something as a teen I simply would have had to have!

Now it isn't just pretties, but a sharing of joy. Today they reach toward adulthood in that they now understand the deeper value and Derek and I get to step back and be young again and simply enjoy small, cheerful frivolous things.

We do miss the candy. I always made sure to fill their baskets with the candy they hated and I loved to ensure they shared. We miss seeing stale peeps stacked on the table for a week afterwards because who really eats them? This year I skipped the plastic grass and am regretting that just a little too- I am wondering if I will feel I am missing something if I am not vacuuming shreds of green grass for the next two weeks? Their gifts are a reflection of how they have grown and how we struggle to be young again.

Candy or not- each holiday only gets better as they get older. Today we will have fun, together.

Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter. We too are learning to make traditions that work for us. A holiday "picnic" for little people who find eating and sitting at the table hard work.. The youngest just said can we have a Halloween picnic.
Time together to do what they want, right now it means playing on the Wii with Daddy.
NOw we are entering the world of home education for the youngest. School was just tiring him and me out (constant school runs as I was picking him up for lunch as well).
We are seeing improvements already-less tired, happy and we are able to work on what we want/need to.
Best wishes to you all.

Diane said...

I love the idea of a in house picnic for a holiday treat! Special doesn't have to be more then time together and fun and of course thinking outside the box a bit! Sara and Abby often tell me it is those very things that we did with them that they remember, not the toys,outings..they savored the time and fun. Oh love the Wii! :-)
Yes, homeschooling is way way easier on bodies that tire out. Abby says it is so hard to explain that many days just brushing her teeth let alone wandering out to the kitchen to eat is all the energy she has to spare- when they don't have to waste that precious energy on the structure that is required at school to deal with a herd of children, they blossom academically and have the energy to be healthy and happy children! Big Hugs to you guys today and have a terrific Easter Picnic !

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