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Friday, March 29, 2013

More Americans on disability then food stamps and welfare combined..

Yet, the headlines in the news this week and every week is about which hollywood diva is pregnant, or which talk show host is tanking... even in the political arena not a peep about in a few short year there will be more disabled American's then capable tax paying Americans-

It is an EPIDEMIC!

When the graph shows more children with LD's, behavior and physical disabilities then not.

In 20 years who is going to be able to work? Abby is grateful to have the energy occasionally to shower on her own let alone hold a job or participate in keeping America on track...

Obamacare will cause some costs of private insurance to increase as much as 62 percent!!!

Seems like daily Drs. are opting to retire early instead being Governed by a government medical program that will no longer care for the individual.

If 1 out 50 children have autism, if 1 out of 4 American's(soon to be 2 out of 4 at the current rate) are too disabled to work- who is paying the bills while we rot in Government run nursing homes 20 years from now? Who will be left to care for us? To care for our sick children?

There are days I am beyond shocked that some how so many of our children are being destroyed one after another yet, not even a press conference..no government think tanks, no massive hunt to stop the epidemic- where is the CDC? Chasing the bird flu 3 countries away- guess they don't see an entire generation that will have more disabled then capable as an epidemic.

The only focus this Administration has taken on for future taxpayers is to get kids to eat more greens then cheese burgers. I agree with them but at this point some kale just isn't going to even come near fixing the catastrophe that is building before our very blind eyes.

As a parent I have to think about how my children will manage without us one day. No matter how much life insurance, no matter how much savings we diligently save I cannot save enough to insure she is cared for as I provide now.

Who will be there to care for all these sick children when they grow up?

Who will pay taxes?

When the next generation is under educated, disabled, who will pay the bills?

No one is trying to Prevent this epidemic from spreading- except a few parents. What is causing it? Why suddenly are two generations developing one illness after another? All these "new diseases" what caused them?

Do we as a Country just continue to hope if we close our eyes it will go away? It isn't.

If my kids cannot care for me or themselves, if your kids cannot care for me or you or themselves- who does that leave?


Nick said...

Maybe I can offer some hope. I was a kid with mito and am on a ventilator still, and now am 31, one of the oldest survivors of childhood mito probably...
I was worried I could never survive without my mom, but one day I grew up and now, I live with my partner/wife, though the Social Security rules forbid official marriage.

If I can persevere, a lot is possible. My story is at http://www.nickscrusade.org/about/

I don't have neuro symptoms, mainly it is muscle loss, and body temp overheating constantly.

It certainly isn't easy, and many days it feels impossible.

But I've been following some of the mito blogs, and I am awed at how parents and loved ones of mito children (kids similar to me as a kid) are using the web to support each other. I wish this had been available for me and my mom when I was a kid (back in the 1980s and early '90s).

I would like to be a part of your network too!


Diane said...

Nick, you are good proof that a disability doesn't need to keep one from fully participating in life. Thank you for sharing.

Unfortunately, based on the number of disability claims- most with disabilities have not found a way to contribute.

My concern lays with that sooner then later, there will be more depending on disability then contributing- what happens then?

Hoping we find a way to either help disabled folks become tax paying citizens or start curing what ails us.

TY again for sharing your journey!

Nick said...

I'm curious about your recipes too, if they would work for me. Feel free to chat with me if you need understanding listening...

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