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Thursday, March 7, 2013

One of My Favorite Sites-

Is the Gluten- Free Dr.

Last year when we started Project Elimination two of my biggest obstacles were learning how to go Gluten- Free and going Corn-free.

Hands down, going corn-free is still the number 1 hardest thing I have ever undertaken, but going gluten-free comes in a tight second.

One of the first sites I really took note of was Dr. Jean Layton's site; The Gluten-Free Dr.

Not only practical advice and loads of terrific and easy to read information, but she has such a level of optimism and joy. Each time I feel as though we are drowning in trying to figure out our new world of changing our perspectives on food I crawl over to her site and after a few minutes feel completely energized to continue forward with enthusiasm.

From summer camps to recipes she makes living gluten- free more of a joy then a burden.

I admit, some of my favorite recipes have been inspired by her.

What I really love is that through her blog I have learned how being gluten-free can be an opportunity to see our food differently. An opportunity to learn about our food and appreciate that food is medicine.

If you are gluten-free or need to become gluten-free, I cannot recommend enough that you should start your journey by reading Dr. Layton's site.


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