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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


We finally sent off Abby's salvia sample a couple weeks ago.

For the last year as we have read about Mast Cell Disorders I found many patients were doing the 23andMe genetic/ancestry testing.

As the year past more and more populations were turning to 23andMe for testing.

Why? There are many reasons. For us, it was that though Abby getting the Mitochondrial Depletion diagnosis answers a couple questions it hardly answers all the questions about her health. It is only 99.00. Which is a couple of co-pay's for most American's.

When mitochondrial genetic testing turned nothing up, I figured why not?

After the last couple years just being in the Mito population gives you a crash course in genetics, so I doubt anything I find would either confuse Abby and I or alarm us. Apparently unlike some Dr. ordered genetic studies with 23andMe you can access the raw data which is usually filtered and removed for most ordered tests. That could be the overwhelming part. There are now many software programs that you can upload your raw data into and will help you sort it all out. I suspect the raw data will provide a lot more questions then answers as well, but in the various chronic illness groups folks are using that raw data and finding some extraordinary connections. I would hope that Abby's raw data may help be part of the answers so many of us seek.

Will it have any value- Who knows. It might. Actually it will, it will be one more stone we made the effort to flip and make sure we did not miss anything.

When we were debating whether to send in Abby's sample I was impressed at the list of conditions they scan for, it is lengthy. Their accuracy rate is rated well. At this point Abby has had so much genetic testing in her life the concern over privacy doesn't apply for her.

Added bonus, ancestry. We have a few loose threads in our family tree on both Derek's and my family sides. We have heard the family debate our entire lifetime about a few ancestors, it will be nice if this test throws some light on the skeletons in the closet. :-)

These types of genetic tests are priceless. With it taking months and months to get an appt with most geneticists,with the cost of co-pays, with the limited access to your own health reports- this test allows you to see inside your body with a short wait, a bit of spit and 99.00.

I am not expecting to learn anything about Abby we don't already know. Yet, 99.00 bucks to flip one more stone without her using her energy hanging out at Drs. offices, and car rides and labs- in her low energy world it is priceless.


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