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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cookie crumbs are better then the Cookie,

(gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and "corn-lite" I question the safety of the freeze dried peaches and the sticks for those with extreme corn allergies.)

When you use them to make Peaches and Cream Ice Cream Bars

Abby and I were talking about ice cream bars and how nice it would be if she could have them.

Ice cream sandwich would be the easiest option and I am sure she would appreciate them, but we were after something a little more interesting.

I started to wonder if I could make a "Good Humor Style" ice cream bar. You know the ones where they are strawberry on the inside and vanilla around the strawberry and then coated in crispy cookie crumbs and bits of freeze dried stawberry?

We had homemade gf allergy free graham crackers and we have recently found a freeze dried peach that is only freeze dried peach and she tolerates them well.(corn-lite safe for sure).

I had a tub of vanilla ice cream that I had used a lot of rice milk to make which turned too hard to enjoy like the softer and higher fat coconut milk ice cream..

So just had to come up with a peach filling.

Again I am so grateful for the Ninja. I first made a batch of full fat vanilla coconut ice cream mix. I then "powdered" the freeze dried peaches in the single serve Ninja. I mixed that powder into the vanilla base. The next morning I went to make it and was a bit worried as the freeze dried peach powder had made it a bit thick- but worked fine in the ice cream maker.

The big question once I had everything I needed was how to put these together?

I lined an 8x8 pan with saran wrap. I slightly softened enough of the rice milk vanilla ice cream to spread about 1-2 inches on the bottom. This I placed back in the freezer till it had firmed back up. then I spread the peach coconut milk ice cream, and again placed back in the freezer till it was firm. Then topped it with one more layer of the rice milk ice cream. Placed the whole thing in the freezer overnight to make sure it was frozen solid.

In the morning I made a batch of simple syrup- I figured I needed something to make the outside of the ice cream sticky to get the crumbs to adhere.

I crumbed some of the graham crackers to fine crumb in the ninja single serve and did the same to some more of the freeze dried peaches and combined in a shallow dish.

Then I pulled the ice cream out of the freezer. I pull it by the saran onto the cutting board. The saran wrap peeled off surprisingly easy. Using a warm knife I cut the block of ice cream into 8 sections. I gently pressed a popsicle stick into the bottom center of each ice cream section. Then I dipped each section quickly into the still warm but not hot simple syrup and then dipped the sticky ice cream into the bowl with the combined cookie crumb and freeze dried peach powder. I placed them on a cookie sheet lined with saran wrap and placed them all back in the freezer for 1 one hour. I opted to wrap each one in a piece of saran wrap for ease for Abby to grab one when she was in the mood.

These turned out gobs better then I could have ever dreamed and Abby gave them a double thumbs up.

Rice milk vanilla Ice cream(I used homemade rice milk based for the outside layers because it gets harder and I thought it would would hold better)
Peach fullfat coconut milk ice cream(used a fullfat coconut milk homemade vanilla that I simply added powdered freeze dried peaches to)
homemade graham cracker crumbs(gluten free, corn-free, soy free, dairy free etc)
freeze dried peaches.
Simple syrup,warm not hot to dip the ice cream in to get the crumbs to stick(you could use honey and water or maple syrup and water and warm it a bit)

This definitely is not a quick thing to make lots of steps, but well worth it.


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