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Monday, April 22, 2013

New Mito Blog, Not new to Mito

I admit, my blog list I follow is growing and growing. From food to medicine to gardening to Mito and other illnesses, I follow some terrific folks who are sharing their worlds.

There is a new blog- Nick's Crusade.

Nick isn't new to the Mito Journey though. He was one of the first couple dozen identified. He is like many, and they have yet to identify exactly which type of Mito/MD that he has- he is unique and he has lived the Mito journey, but "his" Mito journey. We are all learning, no two Mito journeys are a like.

Nick isn't new to writing or advocating, but his blog is up and I am hooked! He has an easy way of saying what needs saying. His perspective is of special value to me since like Abby he has dealt with this disease since infancy, yet here he is an adult.

There is the childhood journey that so many of us parents are sharing. Then the teen years either those who have made it to the teen years or the disease onset during the teen years. Or there is the adult onset journey- not a whole lot of adult patients(I think Nick is the only one I have read!) out there sharing a life long journey. It has been amazing to hear his voice.

I suggest you stop by and read his blog- he has had quite a journey, yet he lives freely and fully despite the ravages to his body- he is the ultimate example of living well despite your disease.

As a Mom, when I read what Nick shares, he empowers me to keep fighting. More then that though, he reassures me that life is not about what your body can or cannot do, it is all about who you chose to be.

Thank you Nick for being there. 18 years under her belt and after reading your blog, it is clear there is no reason for her body to define her. Adulthood is the next step in her journey, and you helped her and I look forward to this leg of her journey!

Click to read Nick's Story


Nick Dupree said...

Wow, thank you!

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