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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Allergy Free Gum Paste Decorations?

We decided it was time to try to make some decorations that were corn free, chemical free, etc.

The gum paste I opted to use the Wilton gum tex. Based on that many of Wilton's products have corn starch, this ingredient I suspect a high potential for corn contamination. So we will call this one "corn-lite." Follow the recipe on the can for the gum paste, just use Lyle's golden instead of glucose and a safe corn-free powdered sugar.

Wilton's gum-tex(single ingredient,Karaya)
Corn-free powdered sugar
Lyle's golden cane syrup

Mix and let rest tightly wrapped for a couple days. Work the paste well and it is ready to go. Mine felt like a brick when I went to work with it, but is soften quickly when I worked the dough for a bit.

The colors-

For YELLOW : Turmeric + a bit of hot water + plus a bit of Lyle's golden syrup

For PINK : Cherries boiled with a bit of water and domino's sugar and cooked till slightly thickened and strained.

For GREEN: Red Cabbage boiled a bit of water till water was a dark purple. A sprinkle of baking soda turned it a blue green. I then added a bit of the turmeric to get green.

By adding some of the Lyle's golden to each color it made the colors thick enough to paint the decorations instead of trying to concentrate the color enough to knead a color into the gum paste.

The cupcakes were plain gluten free.

The icing was a couple egg whites whipped till soft peak with a sprinkle of cream of tartar. I then drizzled in hot thick simple syrup and kept whipping till stiff peaks.

Not really a recipe but gives you the idea. Even if you are corn-free,soy-free, dairy free, gluten-free, nut free, etc, you can make anything.


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