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Monday, May 20, 2013

Chai Tea Urad Waffles! Grain -free! Gluten-free! Egg -free! dairy- free! Soy -Free! Corn -free! Nut and Seed -free-

Easy- magical and amazing.

Who would think you could make a waffle with a nice flour like texture from just lentils,water and a bit of oil??.

These are heavier and chewier but if you are avoiding grains, these are really remarkable. Honestly, I have made regular waffles that did not turn out this tasty! We like them both sweet and savory. We have toasted these the next morning and again, better then we thought possible.

I did try to do this with both chickpea's and black eyed peas- they really did not work. I finally added some egg to the chickpeas and peas and it did finally hold together but they were sooooo dry and frail- not worth it- stick to the Urad!

I might try pancakes next.. or fritters, or donuts? Sky is the limit and I can see these becoming essential in my kitchen. In India urad is incredibly popular- yet, again in America we have some how overlooked this magical lentil/bean. Like Yuca, tamarind, jackfruit these flavors are all very appealing to Western taste buds- yet we don't eat them? Why is it we are the melting pot but some how are missing out on some of the best foods? Not any more we eat them now!

Soak 1 cup split and hulled Urad in water(covered by water) for 4-5 hours or overnight.

In high speed blended:

The soaked and drained Urad
2 tablespoons oil of choice(I used grapeseed)
2 tablespoons of water(or more or less, but only enough for your blender to be able to blend the lentils to a smooth almost gluey batter without struggling.

To make Chai Tea flavored add the following to the blended Urad;

1 green cardamon(shell removed and ground in either coffee grinder or single serve Ninja cup blender)
1 teaspoon ginger
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon cloves

1/2 cup granulated sugar
dash of salt.

Blend well, I had to scrape down at first but once it got going and I had added the water it blended up nicely. You want a smooth gluey batter that is still spreadable but thick.

I heated my waffle iron. I oiled it super super well(these WILL stick!). I used a spatula and spread the batter across the iron(keep in mind these do not rise so add enough to cover griddle well.).

I cooked until most of the steaming stopped. I checked it when the light indicated it was ready, but it needed longer cooking.

Serve with syrup,sauce, or ice cream?

SAVORY: any blend of herbs you like. Skip the sugar and increase salt to 1/2 teaspoon.

SWEET: You can add any flavoring of your choice. Minus the strong spices I used, I would probably reduce the sugar,but fresh cardamon and the other spices balanced better with more sugar. I would think honey would work as well, though I would add the honey in place of the water when you initially blend the lentils.

The only two tips- don't use too much liquid- you want it thick but spreadable- so add just enough to get to puree without damage to your blender. Oil the waffle maker- even with a lot of oil mine still wanted to stick, so I had to gently pry them out- they held together but you will still need a bit of patience. Make sure to re oil with each new batch.


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