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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fast Urad Dosa/Eggless Crepes( egg free,soy- free, corn-free, dairy-free, gluten-free)

So I roughly followed the Dosa recipe, just did it in a hurry with a few shortcuts.. so if it is the process that makes a dosa, then not a dosa.. call it a crepe like Dosa?

I have never tasted these before so I have no idea if they are as they are supposed to be. I know right out of the pan they are so soft, tender, and though delicate definitely have more flex then a crepe. As they cool they are more likely to break, but continue to stay very moist like a crepe. We finally tried fenugreek with this recipe, and I hesitate to say whether we like it or not.. jury is still out. We did all decide to skip the fenugreek with the next batch and that should help us decide if we like the fenugreek or not!

This would be fab recipe for vegans- you get all the qualities of the crepe, minus the eggs- cannot beat that! I would recommend sweetening the batter for dessert uses, and adding favored herbs for savory.

My first issue was I don't have a grain grinder- based on the pictures I saw of the preferred machines not many in America own the ones of preferred use. My second issue was that they allow the completed batter to ferment overnight without yeast. Basically think sourdough starter. I had made some injera bread a few months ago and found I could shortcut the fermentation process by adding a bit of yeast. So instead of waiting overnight(and hoping!)It just took a couple hours.

1 1/2 cup basmati rice(or other rice, when in doubt, blend two different rices)
1/2 cup urad split and hulled


fenugreek(added 1/3 teaspoon ground- powerful stuff!)

grapeseed oil(or oil of choice, coconut would work great.)

1/2 packet active yeast (1 teaspoon should do fine, though you could probably throw the whole packet in and be fine too)

1) Place rice in one bowl and cover with water. In another bowl place urad and cover with water. (be generous, the urad will swell some) allow to soak a minimum of 5 hours, but overnight is fine.(urad is fine after 3 hours, but the rice needed longer soaking, the only thing I had to grind it with was the Ninja and though they turned out fine after 5 hours and cooked smooth, when I blended the rice it was clearly not as smooth as recommended. I wonder if the end product would be even better? Certainly will not hurt.)

2) In morning, drain rice and set aside. Drain urad, but save the water! You will need it.

3) place Urad(always recommends grinding separate and do urad first)in Ninja add enough of the urad water you saved to allow the Ninja to blend with some ease. This took a few minutes(scraped down once or twice). The final batter is fluffy and thick. Scrape the batter into a large bowl. No need to rinse the ninja.

4) Place rice in Ninja-add the saved urad water(just enough again to allow the Ninja to perform well). This took a little longer, though if I had soaked overnight it would have gone faster. I scraped down a couple times. Now pour rice puree into the same large bowl with the urad puree. Add aprox 1/2 teaspoon salt(I ended up using a full teaspoon), 1/3 teaspoon fenugreek(all the recipes call for it, but I am sure it works without and next we are skipping it.)and lastly the yeast. Mix well.

Cover and place in warm place(think yeast bread.) Mine doubled in size in about 3 hours(placed under the humid Texas sun). If your batter is thicker then pancake batter, add more water. My batter was about a thin pancake batter after I added about 1/4 cup more water, but, this will depend on how much water you added when you were pureeing your lentils and rice earlier.

5) I used a large flat non-stick pan. I very lightly greased. I would pour a laddle full of batter in the center. As it started to cook I would push the batter in circular motion out from the center. I found that you are trying to spread it to stop it from bubbling and getting holes. My best temperature was a tad higher then medium.. too hot it cooked to fast to spread. Too low and then tended to stick.
As the top dried I drizzled a bit of oil around the edges(I rolled the pan to get the oil to run around the dosa.)Then I flipped it for a minute or two.

6) My directions are not the best, but if you search "Urad Dosa" you will find a lot of great tutorials.

7) We ended up eating these rolled with chicken salad and lettuce and they were perfect.

8) Most recipes strongly encouraged restraint in the oil use. I found my pan needed a bit more then they recommended- regardless, we are very pleased with how these worked out for us.


Kristy Williams said...

Yum! Gonna add this one to my short list.

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