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Friday, May 3, 2013

Flat Head Syndrome increases by 600 percent...(Positional plagiocephaly)

Totally and completely preventable.

Hold your babies.

Everyday I read stories of frightening illnesses,diseases, genetic mutations that end lives early-

When I am at the Mall or shopping and see flat headed babies I want to scream. Even worse is it seems I see these flat babies almost as often as I see not deformed babies these days- it is like being in some weird alien parallel universe, what else explains not holding babies?

Have we stepped that far away from our human instincts that we actually leave our babies alone enough that they are getting flat heads? To this day even though mine are grown, if I hear an baby crying that special "hold me kind of cry" I ache to hold a baby.

Frankly, I think CPS really ought to be intervening - clearly leaving a baby alone long enough that they become deformed is neglect?

It is a symptom of the society we now live in. What type of person would leave a baby on its back all day? We aren't talking because of a medical issue, or those very rare child abuse situations- a 600 percent increase means A LOT of parents no longer hold their babies even a 1/4 as much as they should be..

I am not saying you have to be a helicopter parent, or child lead parenting,I get some parents and Drs. think newborns even should learn to self comfort(not my belief but parental right to chose) but don't you want to hold your baby as much as they want to be held?

Just hold them.

This one is preventable.


Anonymous said...

So agree. Encourage supervised tummy time.. Hold them, cuddle them.

Laura said...

I do not ever regret one second that I held my infant son. Even now,at 5'9", 160 lbs, I am happy to have him sit in my lap - for a while :)

He will always be "my baby" and as much as I enjoy watching him venture out on his own, I will always cherish the times I held him. What is wrong with people that they do not want to hold their child?

Diane said...

That is exactly how I feel Laura! I don't understand why folks have babies and then treat them like an accessory. Sad times indeed.

Good point Jo- Just like babies learn to self comfort, if you regularly provide tummy time(I laid on the floor with mine to make it less scary!)a few minutes at a time, they learn to explore and enjoy it.

Elizabeth said...

I thought the whole flat head increase has a lot to do with the switch in recommendation that babies should now sleep on their backs to prevent SIDS. I hold my baby a ton, but at 3 months she's got the bald spot on the back of her head already (although I don't think it's flat). And I do baby-wear some, but its not practical when I have Grayson to care for too. Unfortunately she does spend a lot of time on her back- not ideal, but its just unavoidable right now.

Diane said...

a big difference between infant hair being rubbed off and a flat head. I know mine rubbed that spot on the back of their heads bald before any of their other baby hair fell out- that is completely normal.

Yes, we can blame the sleep on the back for a couple, but really how many babies in the first 6 months are laying on their backs long enough to cause their little heads to flatten? Regular sleeping isn't enough.

That might explain a few percents(not even close to 600 percent increase!) in increase, but the bigger issue is babies spending more time on their backs then in the arms of their parents and caregivers. Too much time in crib,carseats,bouncy seats, laying in their strollers. They are being neglected, a deformity is abuse. Yet, CPS and Peds don't seem to think not holding your newborn enough to prevent their heads and brains getting squashed an issue- I don't get it.

20 years ago, I had NEVER seen a flat headed baby- babies aren't being held enough. Laying on their backs to sleep isn't the issue.

Easy preventive- hold them.

Anonymous said...

I agree Diane. It probably has more to do with those carseats that they stay in from car to stroller. I had a carseat that stayed in the car. Then I had a buggy that they could lie flat in.
The hair rubbing off is normal I believe as baby hair softer than older people hair.

Anonymous said...

My daughter's son had a flat head and he also had a wide forehead, but in his case it was not due to laying on his back all the time as one would think. He was held a lot because of his colic.

My daughter had a fast, extremely intense labor that even the midwife commented on and that could have possibly caused his misshaped head as he grew. She also was very low on amniotic fluid. Whatever the reason for it, it required him to be in a helmet until just recently (1 1/2 years old).

I definitely agree that babies should be held more often and given more tummy time. Breastfeeding is one way to be sure they are held more often as they tend to feed every two hours in the beginning. They are so precious and they grow so fast. :)

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