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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fried Pie, Done Right! (gluten free,soy free, nut-free, dairy free, corn-free egg free etc)

I was googling tofu recipes this morning(I have a piece of nofu needing to be cooked) and I stumbled across a post on The Kitchn blog.(unlike my pictures, her pic's are great! Take a look before you dive into this, it helps!)

She had simply cut rice paper wrappers into pie slice sized pieces(I cut 8 per wrapper) and then fried them in a bit of oil. If you have ever had fried rice noodles at home you know when the oil hits the right temperature and you plop the bundle of rice noodles in, they puff up and turn white so fast! That is exactly what the rice paper wrappers did-

Of course, the savory aspects caught my interest, but you know I am always thinking dessert.

So, I fried each piece and sprinkled a spice/sugar on them.(we don't use cinnamon so I added allspice,cloves and ginger into some granulated sugar)- they are AMAZING! They are FAST!

To take it to the next level we spooned some fresh diced peach on one, and a few thawed cherries on the other. I topped it with a spoonful of coconut yogurt(or you could heat the fruit and drop some ice cream on it, or whipped cream or sweetened coconut sour cream?) Sprinkled with a touch of corn-free powdered sugar-

Fastest,easiest fried pie EVER!

Honestly, the sugared fried pieces reminded us of churro's or elephant ears but so light and crisp they melt away on your tongue.. these could be a very dangerous snack as far as empty calories go! We figured the fruit added at least a touch of nutrition!

Rice paper wrappers(we have a few different ones, we have just rice, rice and tapioca and some spicy ones, I used just the rice wrapper though all the others should work as well.)

Grapeseed oil

granulated sugar(and spice of your choice)

Fruit,berries, toppings..

These are best served fresh, don't add fruit until you are ready to eat.


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