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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day? It Should be "Children's Day"

I cringe at the Mother's Day mentality.

I do not want nor need a thank you. Why thank someone you have given a gift to?

I do not want to run away from my family, my children, my husband, I want to have them beside me for me to enjoy.

I do not want to be treated like some god, princess, queen- that is not a real Mother.

In fact, it should be "Children's Day."

The best thing that ever happened to me or my husband were our daughters.

Through every breath, through every milestone, they give us a reason to live,learn and grow.

It is my gratitude not theirs that needs celebration this day every year.

My Mothering is No gift, it is the very reason I live. Being a Mom, a good Mom is self satisfying it is a way of life,destiny, pure joy to be to a Mother- Children are the gift to us, Mothering is a privilege.

I thank you my daughters for allowing me to grow, to thrive, to learn, to live by mothering you. What an amazing life you have given me.

Today I will cook something special for them not me, today I will hug them extra tenderly in gratitude for their very existence through them I live a full and gifted life.

Today as I wipe away a ring of tea from the counter, start a chicken cooking, tidy the corner of their sheets on their beds,
I am living the Dream.

Children's Day.


Jenna said...

I hate mother's day. I truly hate Mother's day. I lost my mom a few years back and after dealing with infertility and pregnancy loss for years it made me truly hate the holiday.
At the same time I never hated it before then. I loved as a child having a day for my mom. As a young adult I still loved having a day to make mom feel special.
I also think that my son is the biggest gift ever, and I love being a mom, I don't need gifts or anything, but I also know that as a child I would give any thing to celebrate my mom and honor her for being a wonderful mom. I know that the day is coming soon that my son will want to celebrate me, and I hope beyond hope that when that day happens I can enjoy the day and not all the sadness that it brings me.

Diane said...

Oh Jenna so sorry that it reminds you of your loss. My Mom passed at Midnight Christmas Day a few years back. At first the holiday seemed rough- but then it reverted back to a holiday of family celebration- and more so then ever.

My girls have been raised with my views- they I am certain are grateful for what I do, but feel no need to celebrate a Hallmark holiday. They do kind and thankful things throughout the year.

We kind of figure a birthday a piece is plenty for individual holidays :-) The rest are family focused.

We tend to march to our own drummer around here however! I just feel that children have no choice in whether they are born, but as parents we have the option to have them or not- with all the joy and responsibilities- they owe me nothing, I owe them everything.

Hope as he gets older your heart is lighter.

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