WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Reaction List

birch(often in cellulose in toothpaste,meds,etc)
beef(we have tried every beef and pork out there!,grassfed,local,special ordered,special butchered- she reacts even to animal gelatin)
PEG(Polyethylene Glycol active ingredient in Miralax and many skin care and body products as well as in some medications)

Those are either the items she has repeatedly skin or blood tested positive for over the years, or ones that cause her kidney's to dump proteins,cause GI issues from dumping to constipation to pancreas pain to vomiting. Skin rashes and edema occur with many too. NSAIDS cause respiratory distress as does airborne corn(popcorn, a bag of corn chips being opened, flipping through a magazine). Sesame seeds also cause immediate respiratory reactions. Beets,Safflower destroyed her kidneys and Hemp was another respiratory immediate reaction. Course the PEG(miralax) I have written about a couple times. Some of these cause reactions within in minutes,some are delayed reactions.

Trees(especially cedar,birch(newish),pine,)
weeds(many including ragweed)
fur and feather(birds,rodents,cats(very bad)horses(very bad),dogs(though we insist on keeping the poodles)
wool and lanolin(for as much as I would like to try her with lamb(highb12)kind figure she will not tolerate it.)

Then the long list of foods know to cause histamine issues. Which the list is too long to put here, but includes spinach, strawberries..and many others. We hope to re introduce some of these foods and figure which trigger her or not this year.

Then the fermented food issues from the histamine issues- like kraut and alcohol(though she is doing great with cultured homemade coconut yogurt.)

Then all the weird fragrances, air fresheners,windex(just windex),sizings,formaldehyde etc.

Then anything artificial like colors,preservatives,"artifical flavoring. With the artificial stuff it is hard to say whether it is an issue with the chemicals or the corn or soy they are often derived from, but regardless she reacts and those usually spike her proteinuria.

So, just hidden corn wipes out about 8 out of 10 items in the grocery store. Add histamine reactions and 9 out of 10 items are off limits. Add all the other reactions like birch, safflower,colors, flavorings, fermenting- she simply cannot have anything packaged.

Even deodorant, toothpaste now has to be made at home with very specific ingredients.

Things like coconut oil- what is on the shelf that says "100 percent" coconut oil doesn't mean it hasn't encountered corn,soy or any number of her other allergy items while being processed and packaged. TT, Nutiva and few others have been safe but we have had a few she has reacted to from cross contamination.

Every single item down to what salt we use, what baking soda we use, what paper towels and toilet paper we use must be carefully selected based on her reactions.

A few of the allergies we dealt with when she was little- corn,soy,tomato,dairy, and a couple others. But, this round with her health, her list is growing by the day it seems.

Despite the length of her lists she still has plenty to eat, granted to find good nutrition we have definitely expanded what we eat but that part of the allergies has been fun. So many foods I have never bought or some I have never tasted. Abby has been a great sport too about trying some funky food! Admittedly, my girls have always been great about trying new foods at least compared to my friends children, but really I don't see Abby asking for chickpea Nofu when she was 4!!! :-)

Hoping that like when she was little, she will slowly outgrow some of these intolerances,reactions,cross reactions, minor contaminations and true allergies. We can hope!


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