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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Cookbook-Team Lissy Loo

A family that is on a few of my various support groups has taken the time to put together a cookbook. They collected recipes from many in the Mito Community.(I missed that part!)

I admit, I just cannot resist a cute kid- and when they asked if I would like to buy one? How could I not?

Team Lissy Loo- We all wish you the very best!

Kelly Curley
Each cookbook is $10.00 plus 5.60 shipping and handling.

I thought 10.00 for a cookbook full of recipes given in support and friendship was a very fair price.

Cannot wait to see the recipes of what other folks eat, though kind of betting I won't find yuca,nofu or tamarind! LOL This very much reminds of all the great church ladies cookbooks I have collected. Same idea, they would collect their best recipes and make a cookbook and sell the cookbooks for fundraising. I have a few vintage books that have provided some of my very favorite recipes.


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