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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Get Out- No Way! Fountain of Youth.

This past year we hear " Get out, No freaking way!" more and more when we try to tell folks Abby's age.

I was looking at her pictures at age 10-11 and in some ways she actually looked older then she does now. Weird right?

Granted, she dresses "different". She has a unique sense of style that she has created out what she appreciates and what her body prefers. She is incredibly individual and could care less what anyone says about clothing choices.. since there is no need for conformity in her small world we encourage her to embrace it, why not? If it seeds more happiness, we support it. Plus, we did grow up in Seattle and Oregon, there is a much higher tolerance there for what is socially acceptable as far as clothing- I am sure that has influenced us as well.

Comfort, temperature and ease of dressing and a strong appreciation of the Lolita movement a couple years ago have transformed into a younger and very individual take on style.

Always with the tights- white tights, black tights, cream tights. These keep her more comfortable and reduce some aching and swelling in her legs and feet. They also help her regulate her body temperature. They also protect her from contact rashes on the skin of her legs. If she brushes against a chair that has been sat in by someone who has cats she rashes, or horses, or wool.. so I can see why she would want to avoid that! I am sure there are flesh colored tights out there, but what fun are those? If you gotta wear them, you might as well "say something" with a color..

Dresses or skirts almost always. Jean's have been a struggle for years, more work they are worth trying to get them on and off. Leggings are fine under dresses but the denim just fights back too much. With a little different take on clothes she doesn't often need our help and that is so important to her. Shorts don't keep her warm enough, though she will layer them on top of tights under her skirt or dress. Capri's the girls have deemed are too "old" for them! (my favorite so stands to reason they associate them with old ladies!).

Hair- long. She has trimmed her hair over the years, but never worn it short or even shoulder length. Trying to pull it back or braid it just takes a lot of energy. Even if we do it, it pulls on her head which she prefers to avoid, her neck and head are very tender and if we pile all that hair in the wrong direction it gives her neck too much of a workout. So long and loose and wild. Since makeup isn't an option I can see why having long girly hair has more importance to her.. Plus, I look hideous in long hair..I always have and my Mom would cut my hair in the bob style from the time I can remember- I really hated her for keeping my hair short, but finally admit in my old age I cannot have that beautiful, glorious long hair. Both my girls look amazing in long hair and it just makes me happy to see all that long hair on them, so I suspect my positive opinions of long hair on them has encouraged her not to cut it. Sure would be easier for someone with such low energy and who spends so much time in bed, but she gives up so much as it is... the hair stays. Since I took over washing it when she is up to it, it has been manageable.

All the accessories- lolita influence. I can see why, really with what works she can either go for a much older style or younger- and considering she is young, and looks even younger accessorizing leaning toward youth just works better. She would look hilarious if she tried to pull off something too teen or too old lady! :-)

Fun- she does have fun with her choices. When she isn't going anywhere she doesn't get dressed. She has more robes, nightgowns, jammies in general they we can jam in her drawers. We have all enjoyed keeping her in good supply- who doesn't love jammies? They are often really cute, fun, and even funky and above all else, comfy! So, when she has to get dressed(a huge effort for her, she showers or washes up if a shower is too much the day before, I wash her hair the day before, Sara is usually a good sport and helps her brush out her wild mane and the clothes are picked and laid out. The day of the appointment she does teeth, maybe a brushing of hair if she feels up to it and getting dressed by the end of the appt and the 2 days it took, she is tuckered out) she makes it count.

Clothes aside, she "looks young." She doesn't wear much makeup if any, her skin reacts badly to most types. So just not been worth it. Beyond that her mannerisms are "young," her voice is soft(always, takes energy to talk) but maybe because of the low tone in her face she just doesn't have a grown up face. Her features are soft and round still like she hasn't hit puberty. Her facial features at rest are "relaxed." For example, when I read my email my family chuckles watching the zillion expressions that run rampant on my face. From joy, to anger they always wonder what in the world I am reading to show so much emotion. Abby on the other hand, shows none. She does smile and can smile and when she allows she fills her face with expression, but she "makes" it happen instead of like the rest of us where it "just happens." I figure a relaxed face with little expression won't age as quickly as in one where the expressions change second to second..

Less sun exposure- even at her best she was never a huge play outdoor's in the sun kid. For a few years at her best she enjoyed playing in our pool but generally "hung out" and would not swim, and always hunted for shade. So we know that too much sun exposure can cause premature aging, since she doesn't get a lot of sun, she hasn't suffered the same amount of sun "aging" as her peers.

Healthier life style. No chemicals, no preservatives, for the last couple years.. that too might be helping.

Edema- she has it often enough. She spends a lot of time lying down so it settles in her face. That too contributes...

Plenty of reasons why she looks younger, but still especially with the "shrinking feet" and even her hands shrinking, it is unnerving.

We tease her endlessly about it and she takes it in good spirit.. she always said when she was little she NEVER wanted to grow up and we even teasingly never put more then 10 candles on her cake each year...

Just another something that makes her so incredibly unique and cherished by us.

Who would think that by having to deal with all of these health issues she has managed to conquer what no other man has, The Fountain of Youth?

Cup is always half full.


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