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Monday, June 24, 2013

New Vocab

With my addiction to reading medical articles comes a TON of vocab I am not familiar with(please do not ask me to pronounce any of it! I have an LD that makes even endless repetition unable to help!)and found it nearly as soothing as a word puzzle to hunt down definitions-

Here are a few for you that I found in an article I read this morning. Not all new to me, and certainly not all of it is applicable,but in the articles I have been reading I find them frequently.

Akathisia: a feeling of inner, general restlessness that is reduced or relieved by moving about( Restlessness)

Ataxia: incoordination in the performance of a motor task(incoordination)

Athetosis: slow, writhing movements (probably a form of dystonia)(slow withering movements)

Ballism: large amplitude, irregular, purposeless, non-rhythmic rapid movements

Chorea: irregular, unpredictable, brief jerky movements that are usually of low amplitude

Dystonia: twisting movements that tend to be sustained at the peak of the movement, frequently resulting in abnormal postures

Myoclonus: brief, sudden, shock-like involuntary movements

Parkinsonism: a tetrad of bradykinesia, rigidity, tremor, and postural instability

Tremor: an oscillatory, rhythmical, and regular movement that affects one or more body parts


Reagan Leigh said...

I'm wondering what article you were reading! Most if not all of these words could be used to describe Reagan today! I tend to call everything she does chorea, but the large amplitude movements she's been doing today were clearly Ballism! Poor girl...just can't sit still today! It's got to wear her out!

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