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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

3 down a zillion to go...

First three of Abby's teeth have been repaired. No immediate reaction, but delayed of course. Achy, limp, lovely black toenails,fingernails and lips(oxygen fine, just dysautonomia) fading in and out, bone pain.. swollen up by the time I went to bed.based on the edema I am betting her kidneys are going to be pissed off for a few days. but no airway reaction, no rash..

I am hurriedly drinking my coffee this morning, I fully expect she will be a red hot mess today, but she was so happy that the Dentist did such a lovely job fixing the first three, she said it is worth it.

One of the teeth we all felt certain was doomed to a root canal, did not need it. Talk about lucky! Much of the damage is around the gum lines so unfortunately her gums were pretty raw and bleeding. Before I went to bed they looked much better.

The dentist was able to restore the 3 to look so perfect and pearly white, just like Abby's teeth used to be! We are so grateful.

She goes again next month for 3 more.. and so forth until they are all fixed.

Next week is our road trip for the new Allergist- so hoping she bounces fast from this! Finger crossed.


Kristy Williams said...

Hugs! Hooray and all that good jazz! :)

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