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Friday, July 5, 2013

Just a Few Pics...

Fresh ground chicken burger grilled. On a homemade gluten free hamburger bun that I used dehydrated onion on instead of sesame seeds. Homemade mustard with a bit of horseradish for bite, egg free mayo seasoned with garlic and fresh rosemary, No-tomato roasted red pepper. Abby had one minus the tomato, but the pic was pretty with the tomato grown in our beds.

Trying my hand at fermenting/culturing chickpea Nofu(tofu.)

Savoy Cabbage Kimchi- found korean red pepper powder at the asian market and decided to use the savoy cabbage sitting my fridge instead of Nappa ready to eat Sunday..

a closer pic of the egg-free mayo. Found the recipe in the Living Without magazine and had to try it. Their recipe called for arrowroot or cornstarch but I use potato starch. Their recipe called for 1 1/2 teaspoon of the starch, I used to 3-4 heaping teaspoons and it was still kind of runny. Then because of so much raw starch it was a bit 'gritty, starchy". Decided to "hide" it by adding fresh minced garlic and fresh rosemary. It tastes great and certainly reminds me of mayo, but unless I can figure out how to cook the starch first I won't make it again unless we are forced to give up eggs. However, I think this jar will make a lovely sauce for noodles- a coconut cream sauce and this I can use for flavor and thickener! :-) Never waste.

Some homemade cherry preserves on top of our "fake cream cheese." Which is 1 part chickpea tofu well blended with 2 parts coconut yogurt and then strained for 2 days(in fridge after first 4 hours)- not exactly, but for pizza we herb it and it works great as a cream cheese replacement in desserts. Of course on a gluten free,dairy free, soy free, corn-free, egg-free graham cracker.


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