WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Kashk- What the heck is that?

Popular in many Middle East Countries. There are many different names(also search for tarhana) and many different preparations.

It was originally a frugal way to preserve whey, yogurts, milks. High protein, dried and high flavor(coconut yogurt doesn't offer much protein but Teff grain has value). Kashk keeps for months when prepared properly.

Here is the catch- it is fermented. Also a traditionally dairy and wheat based recipe.

I am hooked on all things fermented right now. Honestly, I feel a little selfish on this, not something made specifically for Abby for once, but for the gut health and taste buds of the rest of us!

I am always hopeful that one of these new things I ferment will be something that Abby will either tolerate, or maybe down the line will tolerate. I am hopeful with Kashk, as it is fermented, dried, and then cooked - which up's the odds that though it won't have the bacterial bonus, it will be tolerated and will provide one more valuable flavor to add to her diet.

It is described as strong, musky, like potent blue cheese- who wouldn't want to try it? I am driven by finding anything with "cheese" flavors or textures- and I really appreciate something that is dried and shelf stable at least for awhile. So much of what I cook for Abby is fresh, needs a lot of prep. Clean, tasty and ready to use is a huge bonus!

Of course how do I get around the dairy/goat milk or yogurt and traditional wheat? Easy. Coconut yogurt and teff grain. Maybe easy! We will have to see how this turns out. The directions in Sandor Katz's book; Wild Fermentation(if you don't own this book and want to ferment- you have to buy it! Best book ever!) indicates a 9 day ferment. So it will be awhile before I know whether this going to work dairy,soy, and gluten free. Plus, that means 8-9 days of yet one more container on my counter.. my kitchen is starting to look like a horror movie science lab. :-)

Already I am imagining the powder added to gluten free crackers to make "cheese tangy" flavors.. Soups, salad dressings.. if it works that is!

1 cup coconut yogurt(homemade and thick)
1/2 cup teff grain (I buy from teffco.com)

1/2 teaspoon salt.

Daily stir/knead. The teff absorbed some of the moisture last night, but it is still more a "stir" texture then a knead.
at 8-9 days days knead in the 1/2 teaspoon salt. Spread thinly and dry. As it dries(I plan on using the dehydrator and not the sun) break the pieces smaller to encourage drying. Once completely dry, run it through the blender/grinder/food processor to make a powder like substance.

What could possibly go wrong?


Anonymous said...

found this....sounds good too!


Diane said...

Oh so going to try this! My teff and yogurt kashk just finished drying- I really like the taste! Reminds me a little bit of nutritional yeast/parmesan cheese- but better! Got a bowl of yogurt and buckwheat started- lol The first batch never turned to a dough(need to lightly grind the teff next time, they did not absorb much at all!) I am going to start your recipe you found tomorrow morning! YUM!

Anonymous said...

how did you use the kashk? Or did ya just nibble it away....lol

Diane said...

I have used it in bread and pancakes, in small amounts it adds that rich sourdough kind of flavor.. Making potato soup this week, and thinking it would make a great thickener and add some richness.

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