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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lacto fermented? Cultured ? Pickled? Fermented? Chickpea Nofu/Tofu- yes you can!

No soy, no dairy, no goat, no meat..

We all miss Cheese! The fake cheese made with rice at the grocery store is all corn contaminated.

I have had some good luck blending coconut yogurt and nofu and straining it- makes a nice fake cream cheese.. but the flavor is nice, just not that wonderful aged cheese flavor we miss. That creamy, crumbly, bouncy, stringy- all the million ways that cheese texture comes in.. we miss them all!

Nutritional yeast is all corn contaminated.

I ran across a blog post where they pickled their tofu. I went ahead and made "fake feta" nofu(chickpea tofu) and not bad at all! but again missing that creamy and rich flavor.

A little over a week ago, I decided why not? I strained some of the whey from some coconut yogurt, cubed some nofu and added a salt/water brine. Today, I checked it and I had to taste it! The aroma was rich.. It reminded me of a warm sourdough starter- a tangy richness that is hard to describe..

I am new to fermenting. I am phobic of bacteria, viruses. For years I scrubbed, I steamed and I bleached. We never ate leftovers, and now all the research indicates all those antibiotics, all those chemicals probably hurried along some of Abby's digestive issues. That we need a few bugs in our food, at least the "right" bugs. :-)

So far she handles coconut yogurt. A bit of coconut aminos now and then, and Braggs ACV mixed into a lot of different foods.

Why not fermented nofu?

Nofu Lacto ferment Cheese

I used 2 teaspoons salt per 1 cup water.

It was about 1/3 cup of cubed nofu.(think extra firm tofu)

a couple tablespoons of whey.

seal it up. After 5-7 days check the top- scoop off any yeast or funk(as long as it is white- if it is colored I tend to pitch it out- I am new and my rule for now is white funk(usually yeast that is harmless) is okay funk, colored funk not good!)

between 7 and 9 days it should smell like sourdough starter. I decided mine was ready to taste at 9 days- it was divine! Texture was like mozzarella cheese a bit like Jack.. a bit of tangy borrowed from feta.. a combo of great cheese like flavors!

The only bad thing- it won't melt, but I can fix that! I will blend till smooth with some coconut yogurt cheese- I cannot wait!

Hoping Abby will tolerate this- closest thing to cheese I have made yet!


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