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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

No Recipes or Rants today..

For once, I cannot think of a thing to rant about, and I haven't created any new take on food to share.

Abby is finally bouncing back from her last flare. She simply had too many appointments outside the house. She can handle 1 appt a week two weeks in a row, but that third? That threw her over the edge. Now we know. On a positive, last year, I don't she could have handled 2 in a row last year, so progress in any amount I will take!

We haven't introduced any new foods recently, but when she is flared introducing any new food is a "recipe" for failure. Maybe in August we will try a few new foods.

Of course just as we get her back on track, more appointments on the horizon.. unavoidable. The dental work she so sorely needs begins next week- we are all in a state of panic. Considering even a car ride in her PJ's tuckers her out, dental work is a recipe for disaster no matter how carefully it is done. Sigh. We try to be ready for the inevitable crash, but what Abby and I have learned, there is no way to prepare. When you feel reasonably in control of your body before an appointment but then come home from an appointment and for the week's after even your bladder no longer answers to you,you struggle to standup, you struggle to eat even... I understand why she avoids leaving the house. I simply cannot imagine paying such a high price as your body falling apart for weeks for 1 simple hour out of the house.. no wonder she is so content to be home. I would not be as brave as Abby if I had to face feeling like my body was dying for just an hour out of the house- she has courage!

Then the next week an appointment with a new Allergist. This we do with much trepidation. Over the years the Specialists who have cared the most and done the best by Abby are the Allergists. But because of our vast experiences in that world, I kind of know what to expect on "average".. So, when we picked this particular Allergist we picked him specifically because we found out he has a background in Mast disorders. Certainly not a specialist in the field, but just that he is familiar makes us hopeful. Of course we are trying very hard not to expect too much! I tend to hope that each new Dr. Abby see's will be the "Dr. House" who can finally give us some answers that help all of us get a grip on what,when,where... We hope that he can help sort- intolerances,allergies,cross reactions, triggers,and what is just her gut saying No-thanks! If the only thing he can help Abby with is figuring out why she tolerates no meds(even compounded) we will feel the visit was worth his time and Abby's. Abby's energy is not to be wasted. Heck, she won't even leave the house unless she MUST- the misery,fatigue,pain, hibernation that comes after each outing is simply not worth it to her. So when I book an appointment especially with someone new- it makes me incredibly anxious that I may have picked wrong and I will have wasted her precious energy - fingers crossed.

Other then that, we are just enjoying the summer. No school buses rolling by every 2 hours, no crazy traffic of Mom's lining up 2x a day to drop off and pick up.. the sound of happy children who feel so free without school and all of it's confines echoing through the neighborhood.. Even though mine are well past school aged, I hold summer dear! Such freedom and based on the good vibes coming from the neighborhood and community all the things I loved and my girls loved about summer are a constant.

The big news around here is a new washer and dryer. "New".. I actually bought something new. In 25 years this is the first "new" washer and dryer I have bought. Partially because it was on sale for 100 bucks off each piece, then 50 dollar rebate on each piece and then Derek got an additional 10 percent Veteran's discount on top of that.. it was honestly as cheap as some of the used sets I have been watching in the classified ads.. Unheard of..but joyful! I feel like a kid- imagine,something as basic as a washer and dryer making us all giddy!! My poor old dryer squeals so loudly that the other day I actually heard it through the walls of the laundry room and then through the garage to the yard! I have listened to the squeal for a couple months(okay going on 6 months,it is a fighter!).. at first I figured the old dryer would eventually settle down.. Then as it got louder and louder we cracked jokes that it was "screaming" to have us put it down and buy a new one..I have begun doing laundry at weird hours since it squeals so loudly now that we cannot hear ourselves think let alone talk or watch a show... Now I almost respect that old dryer.. despite clearly being in agony(based on the noise and not drying the clothes well) that old miserable dryer just keeps trying. Almost seems wrong not to figure out how to encourage it to keep fighting! :-) We have already spent money repairing it once and since I paid just 100 bucks on it to begin with spending that much each year to repair seems wasteful. I am sure after my initial joy with the new set, I will probably miss that old set that despite being bought very used it has faithfully washed and dried more clothes and towels then I ever expected it to.. Never goes off balance.. no annoying beeping, just a nice steady constant...I really have been home too much if I am already mourning a near dead appliance! LOL

I do have a few new idea's for food- my latest kick is trying to ferment tofu.. we will see how that pan's out. I did make a batch of tofu(well nofu)fake feta.. the flavor is spot on, but the texture is still very "nofu.".. I need to tinker with that... We are all waiting for fresh peaches, still Abby's favorite. I dragged home some new interesting spices and foods from my latest Asian store visit- that could be entertaining!

Fingers crossed- that Abby's body cuts her some slack, and doesn't crash for once after this dental work- odds are, she will, but you never know, we just keep hoping that she can avoid the crash!


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