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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SpectraCell- Maybe, just maybe some Answers.

Abby has been tested for B12 and other B deficiencies many many times.. like a zillion. Always either normal or low normal.

Spectracell results are in VERY VERY Deficient in B12, B6, Pantothenate and folate.

This is a HUGE HUGE finding.

So why is she so "normal" on regular labs vs Spectracell?

It is what they test. Apparently she gets enough B in her diet that her blood serum reflects a healthy amount.

Yet, when testing "whether her body is getting it where it needs to go" she is not.

The rest of us have ordered our Spectracell Tests.

A friend shared this youtube video- I recommend anyone with A chronic illness watch it ASAP.


Now, the question is, how to get her level's up since clearly she gets plenty but her body is not able to use it, and WHY can her body not use it.

B12 deficiency can cause symptoms that are seen in Lyme,Mito, Chronic fatigue, autism,anxiety, depression. Check out the brain MRI's in the youtube video- it reminds me a lot of some of the changes seen in Mito Patients-

B6, Folate, Pantothenate all cause symptoms that can cause symptoms that mimic Mito, autism, chronic fatigue...

So, if you are having symptoms but your blood serum testing(normal lab testing) keeps coming back normal? I strongly recommend making sure your B12 and other B's are are actually where they need to be-

Spectracell.com. Most insurance companies cover this test- this is not an "alternative" test, this is recognized as sound and widely accept if not widely known.

Will this make Abby better? I don't know. I suspect she will feel better. Damage from B12 is permanent, or can be.

Another interesting find- her D levels are always very low.. in the Spectracell testing? Just fine. So her body is making enough even though her blood serum doesn't show it.. We have been using vitamin D oil as a body lotion on her.. either that works or she never had low low D to begin with...

Where this leads? Who knows. But, I suspect this is the path I kept hoping would pop up and call out to us to follow.

Will update.


Diane Cosby said...

Followed you back from my blog today and love the fact you "rant" so do I but seldom admit to it! Like it's a secret? Will be praying for good outcomes. It is my way. Diane thehiddenpantry.blogspot.com

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