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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Strawberry Preserves - No Pectin

In the corn free(as well as clean, real foods which doesn't include citric acid(synthetic and grown on corn!), chemicals or colors) world many of us have found that any of the Pectins we have found to make our own jams,jellies, and preserves are too corn contaminated to tolerate.

Through trial and error many of us have learned to make fruit butters or to be content with a more "runny" end result, still tastes great and better yet, no corn.

I found an old canning book it is called; Quick and Delicious Canning, Pickling and Preserving. Written by Johna Blinn.

Finding this book is like finding gold, from brining recipes and tips to jellies, it is packed with many useful tips and tricks.

Best of all some tips for no pectin recipes.

1) 1/4 of the fruit you are making into jam/jelly should be short of being ripe. A fruit or berry that is not completely ripe has a higher pectin level naturally. Honestly, with all the sugar in a jam, a bit of tart from unripe fruit or berries is a positive and adds a depth of flavor we normally have to add lemon juice to achieve.

2) cooking longer- the longer you cook it like with fruit butters the thicker.

Here is the recipe for Strawberry Preserves
- follow it exactly and the results are lovely. The berries are left whole until the very last step. It is thick, sweet and well, perfect. Easy too! Abby is still not able to tolerate strawberries but the rest of us will enjoy this batch. I will be using some of these methods with fruits and berries that Abby does well with in the future.

4 cups hulled strawberries

(leave them whole and a few less then ripe ones will only help,remember berries and fruit that are not as ripe have more natural pectin)

3 cups sugar

1) Add sugar to berries in a 4-quart pan, let stand 10-15 minutes.

2) Bring berries to a boil, stirring until sugar is dissolved; cook until tender, about 3-5 minutes.

3) Let berries stand overnight in syrup.

4) Next morning, bring mixture to a boil; cook 1 minute.

5) Cover preserves; let stand 2 minutes then stir

6) Pour preserves into hot, clean jars; seal immediately. ( or unsealed containers in fridge for immediate use.)

On step 5 when it said I could stir, my berries broke apart into large pieces with ease. Preserves will have larger pieces of whole fruit or berries, but breaking them down a bit with some stirring offers a nice texture.


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