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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another quick one..and Ashley.

Each evening we note some improvement so very hopeful she can get back to baseline by the end of the week. Nothing new at this point which is reassuring. We thought her GI issues were settled, we were wrong, yesterday afternoon they were stirred up! Of course we took her to the Dr. so that always aggravates her system. This morning her gut is still fussy, but we have been through this before, with time and patience and careful food choices it should settle back down sooner then later.

There is a blog that I follow about a little girl named Ashley who lived in Longview TX. Ashley has been a fighter since she was born. I am not sure how I stumbled across their blog but I have followed for months now. Ashley faced serious health challenges daily, and her parents, and siblings were there every step of the way. Though Ashley touched my heart in many ways, it is her family that I hold in high esteem. They set the example on how to love, to care, to find balance, to hope, to comfort, to rejoice. They gave daily thanks to be so blessed to have Ashley in their lives. Without any doubt, it was clear from the first time I read their blog, their love for Ashley was a rare and pure thing, a type of love you don't see very often these days.

Ashley lost her battle this week. I cannot put into words how profound my feelings were, are about this sweet child. Through only knowing her through the blog her Mom kept posted, her Mom was able to write Ashley's story in such a way I felt a connection.

I cannot begin to fathom their loss.

Today, I had a recipe to post, but placing Ashley's name on this entry was what felt like the right thing to do. The world has lost a very special little person this week.

There have been many children and patients lost since I started following blogs about various patient journeys with various disease processes. They all touch me and I ache wanting to give comfort but having no idea what to say, or whether it is socially acceptable to offer sympathy via a blog comment..we are strangers who follow their blogs, their lives through a very small window called a blog. Even though it can feel as though we know them, do we really? I have opted not to post about the many who have touched my heart through their blogs because I am just a stranger looking in on their world.

Ashley is different, somehow more important, she left a bigger imprint on my heart.

She won't be forgotten.


Laura said...

The internet can seem very impersonal, but I know I have forged very real human connections even though I have never met the person in question. I imagine that Ashley's parents would welcome a comment on their blog. Knowing that their little girl's life touched another person's and affected it can bring some comfort in their loss and pain right now. Every person who knew her, in person or in the blog, and now grieves for her loss, gives her life meaning.

Glad to hear that Abby is holding her own for now.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace little one. Sincere thoughts and prayers to her family facing such a sad time.

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