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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kashk Update: gluten free and dairy free.

Well, I ran into a couple "minor" issues.

The big issue was that I should have coarsely ground the teff, unbroken,because despite 9 days of fermenting, it did not absorb much at all.

So, I figured well, I will just dehydrate it longer to remove the moisture, good plan but it did not work.

Why? because a lot of the moisture was "coconut fats" from the yogurt. Once I realized I could run the dehydrator for 20 days and never get anywhere, I opted to sprinkle some Teff flour on it. Finally, problem solved- it dried.

Downfall, adding the flour that late in the game really diluted the flavor.

Positive, I think it will work really well to sub a little flour in biscuits, breads etc.

Now on round two, trying coconut yogurt plus buckwheat and applied the lessons I learned in round 1.

It tastes great, it reminds me of that sour flavor in cheese it's, which makes it well worth the effort.


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