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Monday, August 19, 2013

Millet, not just for Pet Birds

One of the foods I discovered through project elimination was Millet.

1) Abby is not allergic!

2) Gluten free

3) Surprisingly full of some key nutrition.

4) It actually tastes great! Compared to quinoa, chickpea and teff, a very mild flavor profile that blends well with everything. Though it doesn't have the protein value of quinoa, it has it's own unique nutritional values.

One of the first things we did was go gluten free. Which introduced us to many new grains/seeds. Millet was one of the first things I dragged home. I was not expecting to like it. Shockingly, we all really love it.

Millet has a lot of nutritional value, most remarkably Phosphorous. Not commonly allergic. Clear of oxalates and purines. Lutein and Zeaxanthin,Folate, magnesium,Choline, vitamin A, vitamin B3, iron..

Best yet, it is a mild flavor. It grinds easily. It cooks easily. From hot cereal(instead of rice,corn,wheat or oatmeal) to a nice addition to a gf flour, we add it in when we can.

Oh and it is reasonably priced too- added bonus.

For more information on Millet I suggest reading The Worlds Healthiest Foods site which is whfoods.org

Lastly, since we are corn free, I have found that millet when roughly ground and added to other flours very much reminds me of cornmeal. Slightly yellow color, that same texture. I will roughly grind millet to put on the bottom of a pizza crust, or added to chickpea chips(reminds us of fritos or corn chips).. bottom of an english muffin. It has really helped us give Abby's food another dimension of texture that we missed when we eliminated all corn from her diet.

The cream of millet reminds me of cream of wheat. Since it is soaked it is very tender. This batch had some figs and spice and a bit of maple syrup- definitely a favorite.

Cream of Millet Cereal:

1 cup roughly ground millet(in a coffee or spice grinder just a zap to break it down some. OR in the Ninja single serve- you want it just one step less then whole)

3 cups water

Dash of pink himalayan salt

OPTIONS: fruit,yogurt(coconut for us), spices

Sweetener- sugar, honey or maple syrup

I coarsely grind the millet. In a jar I combine the millet and 2 cups of water water. I allow to soak overnight(According to the book Wild Fermentation you can soak up to a week). In the morning, I pour it into my rice pot and add the additional cup of water and dash of salt.

I used to use the regular rice option, but recently upgraded to a pot that also has an oatmeal option that works perfectly. Allowing it to sit for a few minutes will thicken it.

We often throw figs or dried peaches into the hot millet cereal while it cooks. If I remember I throw the spices in before I cook it.


Anonymous said...

it can also be soaked in yogurt for a day or so and do whatever with. I also don't grind it and toss in whole in lots of stuff, that needs soaking. It is so small that it turns out fine. I do the same with teff. We often toss in raisins or whatever fruit ya like in the yogurt and eat it raw. Also coconut shreds are a lovely addition, can add spices too. We do coconut and cinnamon with a little allspice and clove. I usually ferment about 4 days.

Diane said...

You would think after my kiskh/kaskh experiment I would have thought about soaking in yogurt! "Slap to forehead!" Thanks for mentioning that! I bet that would be so delicious- love that flavor combo! Yes, we throw about anything into our hot millet.. I have made it savory like grits too for a side dish.. Love how creative you are! You have have given me so many more idea's!

Anonymous said...

lol...as a mom to 9 on a limited budget....well ya get that way!!! Thanks for the kind words. We go into find out about marfans or kleinfelters with son #1 and next week with son #2...so kind words appreciated.

Diane said...

Definitely have your hands full! Joyfully so! I am feeling major empty nest with my young 18!

I am going to hope the time flies by.. Nothing worse in this world then waiting for results.

Two children in 2 weeks- unbearable stress. Hugs and hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about your comment about Abbey and raisins.

How does she do with organic fresh and well washed grapes. How about apples? I found out a few interesting things for myself along the way. For example, hubby and I in days gone by used to pick apples to supplement our meager income. I started to get sick and figured out it was the apple dust...and he sprayed them down with water and I could manage...we were GOOD apple pickers.

The point I am getting at is if she is reactive to one of these, it might also be a mold and/yeast allergy. How does she do with brewers yeast? Maybe grasping at straws here...but it was something we went thru for quite a while here.

Diane said...

Some great thoughts on the apple and raisin..

We did finally make some raisins in the dehydrator- red,organic and I soaked in baking soda and her safe bottled water(crystal geyser is all she can drink now) and sure enough- they upset her stomach- Makes no sense since she ate them fresh!
Apples- she struggles. I cook most of her fruit and peel it. I scrub with baking soda and water before I even peel it.. but usually apples bother her- but pears are fine! She can drink a bit of the Martenilli's apple juice for a treat now and then, but it flares her stomach usually.

I wondered about yeast, but based on all the yeast I use and she doesn't react.. now mold, I know she has tested positive in the past skin testing.. but not a huge reaction..

I Know a few folks with Mast that seem to have the same weird -make no- sense triggers..

We do try her on them(oddball reaction foods, not big reaction foods though) every 5-6 six months- she seems to change triggers with the seasons, which like you, makes me wonder about mold and other environmental issues..

Ty for brainstorming! I cannot tell you how many times a comment here has helped Abby either gain another food or figure out a food issue!

Ty! :-)

Anonymous said...

have you ever used phenol removing enzymes on her? What might be a good clue is to try some on an empty stomach. If she has yeast related issues...you will prolly see it within an hour. It may have a hexheimer effect...so I would have either charcoal or bentonite clay for her before I start. Hexheimer effect is like well this sounds crude..not sure if you have heard about them but here goes. When yeast dies, it releases a toxin...kinda like a bad fart...and the reaction on the body can be kinda rough...so if you decide to try it...go in like really really slow.
Yeah, it does make sense...if she is allergic to the mold or natural yeasts on the grapes...gets concentrated when the get dried. My kids are the same way. Same with apple juice...it is more concentrated.
When you say Mast...do you mean mast cells as in allergies??
As to allergies and things esp like mold and yeast...it reminds me of an onion....layers and levels of reactions...and then there are intolerances.
We started out with the known allergens and then we found that there were levels...after we were clear of using them for a while...a seemingly unrelated one would show up. We pulled those and kept at it and more and more layers showed. Sometimes the body is so busy fighting the imflammation that occurs with the main allergens and issues, that it kind of ignores some til it gets a bit better...

As to skin testing...it is iffy at best...if you can get her retested with blood testing...that will get you a MUCH more clear idea...and when you do....get immediate and delayed....in foods and herbs. We had to go to a naturopath to get good allergy tests done. Regular docs and allergy specialists just wanted to play with it. A good ND is always a good thing to have in your back pocket...just for testing things like this.

You maybe surprised. We sure were!!! The delayed were the ones we never figured on...cuz ya can't always see the results for up to 72 hrs!!!! They aren't life threatening usually but they sure can be life screwing!!!

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