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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Second Dental appt, Second Crash..

By the time she got home and within the following hours, the shiners were back, the aching kidneys, the aching body.. the edema. Delayed reaction?

So frustrating.

We are hoping though since they did not do as much work this time, she will bounce a little quicker, I can hope right?

On a positive, each time she goes, means another few teeth fixed. That is worth it still for her and us.

Her stomach seems better this time too, at least 24 hours out, and that is a huge deal to be celebrated. Also means she might be interested in me cooking her something funky, which of course keeps me entertained.. Though I don't mind making chicken broth, rice, mashed yuca or mashed potato's days on end, it does get a little boring. :-)

I think about that for most folks, you go in to the dentist and do a little work or get a cleaning and just like that you move on with your day. Though probably not enjoyable, it doesn't stop many from heading back to work or school. I have known many who get crowns done on their lunch hour and right back to work.. no crowns for Abby so far, and it still is just so difficult for her body.

It just boggles my mind that a bit of dental work sinks her battle ship so badly. She still had not fully recovered from last months appointment.

Another appointment with the new Allergist Monday. Though I do everything in my power to avoid taking her from the safety of the house,especially when she is so flared, our fingers are crossed this Dr. can help her at least manage all these reactions, which makes the push on her health worth it.

Hoping my next post will be about the new leg of her journey.


Anonymous said...

Do check out the beta glucan...we use betaforce.org for ours since it is the strongest I can get and the purest.
I understand exactly how Abbey feels. Whenever I have something happen, my body has a hissyfit and I do lots of weird stuff.
The last time, a pressure cooker blew up and burned me over 20% of my body, and I started having all sorts of reactions...allergic, fatigue, and a lot more. I do this everytime and it lasts a long time for me.. The burns were in Feb...and I am still fighting to get back on top of my life. Beta glucan keeps the time down to a minimum and keeps back the secondary infections that I seem so prone to developing when in this hissyfit mode.

The other thing has been adrenal. If you can find a compounding pharmacy, you can get it compounded out of several things...beef, pork and lamb not sure if there is more..and the kind of cap or injection...

Also b12 is a good one to look at for her...but having it compounded makes it safer. Talking to them is a good bet I think.

Hope your allergist knows what he is doing...that always makes life better. Have you read the allergic child by doris rapp?

Laura said...

Please tell Abby I am sending her bounce back fast wishes!!!

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