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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spicy Pickled Eggs-

A few weeks ago we were picking food to make for an Asian inspired dinner. We decided we had to find just one food that was going to be almost too weird to eat.

If you have ever been in an Asian grocery you will have seen the fermented eggs. Duck, quail, chicken- and preserved in all sorts of ways, usually so different then anything American they might even make you gag a little if you think about it too long.

In every bar in America there is always that mystery large jar of floating eggs in brine.. Sometimes pink or straight, but rarely does anyone ever eat one.. come to think of it, I don't remember ever seeing anyone eat pickled eggs.

The Asian markets are a great place to find quail eggs(1 to 2 dollars a dozen). They are cute, tiny, adorable and taste just like chicken eggs. The only downfall is I am sure they are not free range and what do you want to bet they are fed corn?

Once we decided pickled eggs would have a great gross out impact, I started looking at recipes. We could have just done a straight pickled but I noticed a few spicy versions- and living in the South, I always take the spicy option.

To our surprise when everyone was chuckling and daring each other(and refusing) to sample one, Abby volunteered. Which of course guilted me into trying one too! And wouldn't you know, they were absolutely delicious? We think they would be fab added to potato salad, or an egg salad sandwich.. even a twist on deviled eggs. We will probably stick to chicken eggs that I can find that are not fed corn, but will miss the cuteness factor of the quail eggs!

Though I will warn you, peeling hard boiled quail eggs? Prepare to be patient. Oh and cracking and making a tiny,tiny fried egg? make sure you have a few extra's to practice with.. you will need it!


1 dozen quail eggs
1 cups bragg apple cider vinegar(one of the few that is corn-free.Any packaged product with "vinegar" is likely corn contaminated.)
1 teaspoon pink himalayan salt
1 teaspoons cayenne pepper(TIP: Simply Organic and Penzy's seem to work well for many with corn allergies.)
2 garlic cloves
4-5 peppercorns(Tip: We buy whole spices as often as possible. When herbs and spice are ground a higher risk for allergen contamination)
1 whole allspice
1 teaspoon yellow mustard seeds(TIP: both Indie/Paki markets and Asian Markets sell tons of whole spices at terrific prices)
1 whole clove
2 bay leaves
4-5 fresh thai hot peppers(I used them because they were colorful and tiny, but any spicy chili pepper is good)


Place eggs in a saucepan and add enough water just to cover. Bring to a boil and cook for 3 minutes. Drain and place in cold water. When eggs are cool enough, peel them and place in jar or other container that can be sealed tightly.

Meanwhile, in a saucepan bring remaining ingredients to a boil and remove from heat and allow to steep for at least 2 hours. Pour over quail eggs in jar and screw on lid. Place in fridge. I find the eggs are best after 2 days, seems to have absorbed the flavors just right for us. Eat within 1 week.


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