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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


First treatment yesterday.

We were hopeful. She noted kidney pain in the first hour and I saw some eyelid swelling, but besides the normal redness and rash she did well. However, we all expected a reaction though with Abby it is usually delayed reaction, and she did exactly as expected.

Not so good last night. Full flare/crash. Feeling terrible. Really terrible. There is clearly lumps of the treatment serum under her skin still so not feeling like today is going to be any easier as her body continues to absorb. Some of the symptoms like the flu like symptoms and headache are noted as common. The other symptoms? faintness, dizzy, severe sinus and ear pain, bone pain, pancreas pain, mal absorbing, nausea, spins, blue toenails, feeling serious brain fog,racing heart, hard to focus her eyes, wobbly legs and kidney pain- well not so much the normal.. So Reaction? Mast? Allergy? Mito? Or just Abby Disease ticked off?

Despite what looks like major trouble coming, we are still hoping that the risk we took giving Abby this therapy will pay off. If Abby doesn't experience a pay off from the treatment, I don't think we will be too successful in pushing to get her to suffer through this again.

We are still hoping that the gains were worth the risk and misery.

Bone broth, mashed potatoes or yuca on the menu for a couple days, and tons of ginger tea.

Maybe, it won't get worse, maybe she will benefit despite the misery. So hard to feel optimistic when she feels this horrid.

Some of the side effects are from the therapy, but the other miserable symptoms? Stress? corn contamination?( all of them have corn derived ingredients) or who knows..

Fingers crossed it gets no worse as it continues to absorb. Double fingers crossed it helps despite the major crash.


Anonymous said...

Prayers and many hugs to you all....I understand...my life is falling down up on us for different reasons, but similar. Jesus hold you all close and grant you peace and healing!

Kristy Williams said...

Hugs to you all, especially Abby! Hope today's better.

I'm learning about IvIg treatments (just barely). May be the next step for my hubby's condition.

Anonymous said...

konjac is fast becoming my best buddy...it helps with nausea and a lot of gut things. It comes in powder and in noodle form. It is a starch and if you get the powder and make things...I take some juice and add the powder and make a pudding when I am sick. BUT...it can cause constipation so use with psyillium or some other bulker.

Anonymous said...


Diane said...

Ty guys! And thanks for the tummy settling tips too!

She nibbled some rice and ginger tea and settling back in to sleep more.. her throat is all sorts of raw and itchy.. the symptoms are pinging around in her I guess. Her dizziness is settling so am hopeful that nothing else will pop up at this point! Fingers crossed.

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