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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Food Fads- If it doesn't make you Sick- EAT IT!










Low Histamine

Low Allergen

Low Oxalate


Low Fat

Low Cholesterol

Low Sugar

Low Calorie



I could probably add another 10-15 if I a took a minute..

In the past few months I am pleased and distraught to see so many people making a huge effort to improve their diet.

Often we can get carried away.

When Drs. cannot or won't help, when the medications cause more issues then then the disease, as patients we are left with our diet and lifestyle to work with to improve our quality of health.

Clearly if you are allergic to something- Don't eat it! If your Dr. says don't eat it? Then Don't eat it!

On both a Mastocytosis support group and corn allergy support group, that new book "Grain Brain" is being hotly discussed, and pushed.

We all remember the 80's when eggs and red meat were sending us all to early graves.(Eggs are now perfect nutrition, go figure)

Or the hatred of all sugar.(maple syrup though is fine? As is honey? How about that super processed Stevia liquid and agave? )

So, in hopes of better health, we start cutting foods.

We cut all the allergens and still feel bad, so someone suggests we cut gluten. We do that too. Still feel bad? Must be all those inflammatory foods you eat- say goodbye to the potato..did you try removing Oxalates yet? Still sick? Cut grains.. Still sick? Remove histamine and histamine triggers..

Pretty soon you are down to 3 foods- and guess what? You are still SICK and now you are sick and malnourished.. You might not even feel better. Despite the fist full of vitamins and supplements you take, you are still SICK.. What else to cut?

Don't get me wrong, we used an elimination diet with Abby. Some foods make her sick. Very Sick. We know that many of the preservatives and colors in foods can be neurotoxins or poisons and often make those who are already sick, sicker. (MSG?)

But, she LOVES potatoes, and they LOVE her. She has no markers in her blood work that show an issue with inflammation. We tried without potatoes, and no better, so guess what? She eats potatoes.(which are packed with necessary nutrition)

How about lemons? Say lemon on a Mast disease support group and they will hiss at you like you are trying to poison them! Fact is, yes, some will not do well with lemon, but many do just fine. Lemons provide a great source of nutrition and flavor. If doesn't make you sick, eat it.

I fully support diet changes for better health.

I don't support removing foods unless they make you sick, or your Dr recommends it.

Neither Derek nor Abby tolerate gluten, so they don't eat it because it makes them sick. Sara and I eat it with gusto! Wheat has terrific nutrition, why get rid of it? My great-grandparents ate it and lived full lives. I bet if I did 23andMe there would probably be some mutation in there somewhere that suggests celiac "could" be an issue- should I cut wheat when it fuels my body well? No.

Taking vitamins and supplements are a very poor substitution for the real thing. Study after Study PROVE that synthetic vitamins are not absorbed as well as the real deal. Latest reports indicate that the majority of companies making vitamins for American's are not necessarily honest and forthright about what they add or don't add to the pills. Synthetic vitamins don't come with cofactors. You can overdose on vitamin pills, but not on vitamins that occur naturally in the food you eat.

I know folks paying hundreds of dollars on supplements, and they are still sick. Still have bad nutritional scores and feel no better.

If you take a vitamin and you feel better? If your Dr. recommends it? Take it. But don't pop vitamin pills because someone on some group says you "should."

Feel better eating like a caveman? More power to ya! Still feel just as bad eating Paleo as you did before? Try something else.

1 diet change can takes months to show improvement. 1 diet change can take months to show unintentional damage.

I am watching a multitude of eating disorders emerge in a number of populations. Food Fads can be dangerous and can cause more health issues then reduce health issues. Remember how our parents always asked us, "Just because everyone else is jumping off the bridge, should you?" We are a fat phobic nation now. Obesity is a huge issue, and so is malnourishment in both thin and obese patients. Start cutting fats, sugar's, grain's and presto, you are thin, but are you healthy? Are all these food fads based on real health or on fat phobia?

Corn is a huge issue for Abby. At first she was the only one that went without corn, but slowly we are all eating less corn. The few times I have tried to eat corn now? It makes me sick. So, I don't intentionally add it to my diet, but that doesn't make it wrong for you. You love corn? Your bodies likes it? Eat it.

Elemental formula's? The Drs. and Sales Representatives will tell you it is IMPOSSIBLE to be allergic. They are wrong. I cannot tell you how many patients I have talked to now that cannot tolerate them. These poor folks are left to puree foods to eat, mix their own homemade formula's. I also have talked to families where elemental formula's have made their lives better, their child healthier.

At the end of the day, DO NOT stop eating something because of a food fad. You need to think about the nutrition you are losing by cutting out a huge food group.

If it doesn't make you sick- EAT IT.

Remember, children need carbs,fats,proteins and vitamins to grow properly. Adults need fuel but tend to be a little more flexible based on health conditions and preferences, but you can be 300 pounds and be malnourished, you can be 95 pds and be even more malnourished.

Say NO to food fads, eat to be healthy.

Making healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle can help you,probably not cure you. If you are celiac even if you eat gluten -free, you will always be celiac. Have mast cell issues? Some seem to do great with a few environmental and diet changes, for just as many, it doesn't help and they are still sick and no amount of food and lifestyle changes is going to make them better. So far, no one has cured Mito.

Use your common sense. Find a Dr. you trust. Quit jumping off the bridge just because everyone else does! The more complex your health issues are, the more individual and complex your dietary needs become.


Laura said...

The most inlortant thing you said was "eat to be healthy". Everyone is an individual, with individual idiosyncracies to our metabolism and bodily functions.

We have followed a lact-ovo vegetarian diet for many years. However, because my husband appears to have developed a sensitivity to grains, he has recently begun eating meat ( organic only) again. His aches and pains are disappearing and he is losing his excessive cravings for sugar laden foods. He is eating for what makes him feel good.

I will probably stay vegetarian, but am learning to listen to my body's cravings. This morning I felt a need for oatmeal and ate a huge bowl, feeling satisfied and ready to go for the day. Another day, I might feel a need for eggs and eat 3 or 4, feeling energized after. Vegetables are the same, feeling a need for asparagus? Eat it. Carrots and peppers? Eat!

We have quit listening to our body. It tells us many things.

Diane said...

Well said!!! Listen to our body, not someone else's will give much healthier results :-)

Anonymous said...

I know this is kinda off topic here..but can't remember where we were talking about rice. I got some info today and thought I would share. It is a bit more reassuring...at least for me...I use lumburg's rice...so is really informative to me...but it also kinda gives you a ball park idea of what kind to avoid.
Am also including a link about the difference of eco farming and organic. There are a few things that that is really important to me.

We found out a neat secret about potatoes. We toss em into a fido with a 2% salt brine and leave em for 3 or 4 days...also usually add a package of caldwells and then we dehydrate them. It removes lectins and acrylamides that are so hard on the gut. It also removes the starch and helps make it more digestible. If you decide to try....try small...it does taste different. lol...not bad or nasty or great...just different. I do 5 liters at a time and wish I had bigger jars. It is interesting that Abbey can do potatoes with out an issue...but has trouble with tomatoes...since they are so closely related. lol Our bodies seem to love making liars out of science!!! But I guess I should shut up....my kids had so many delayed allergens that we didn't know about....but we found that the intolerances were as bad as allergens. But no diagnosis as to all the reasons for us....ugh. Just plodding along....lol....winging it!! I know you what I mean.

Diane said...

Ty for the great information as usual! :-) Lundberg has a great reputation! And I am sooooo going to try the potato tip! Worth trying it just for the experience if anything, I will ferment anything once! :-)

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