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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

IVIg Saga Day 8 The RASH!

Yesterday we were pleased to see Abby clearly looking better. Abby's face is always a give away for how she is feeling. Granted the shiners are still trying to eat her whole face, and she has a lot of drooping but the eye's were much clearer. She was moving better and awake more. The smiles came naturally and not forced. It seemed like the worst was over.

Until I saw the RASH.

Yep, on day 7 around the injection sites she got a rash. Not when she was injected, not even the next day- took till day 7. Delayed? Who knows. A bruise in the center, a clear ring and then a crimson ring of pinprick rash spreading across in a circle around the injection. She also is in hive mode. Itchy- from her head to her toes she is itchy. Brushing her hair and the itches are soothed for a second but the act of brushing backfires and the relief is temporary and the itching gets worse.. Her whole body is itchy.. where her clothes touch no matter the fabric- Itchy! She actually flushed today, which I cannot remember happening.. Today, the rash is still there, about the same, but now the center is a hard knot?? I am not even trying to guess what that is about.

Kidneys ache, reduced urine.. and did I say ITCHY???

On one hand, it is a huge relief to see her feeling like one of the living again.. seeing her so run down and miserable for a week was causing us to really rethink our decision to move forward with the IVIg(long story, but turns out she was given the wrong dose). Plus, after seeing her get so sick and her body managed just fine to recover, well that felt like a victory, like "well, maybe she is tougher then we thought."

On the other hand, rashes have never been "mild" with Abby. She rashes when something is bad, really bad. It usually indicates her reactions have reached a new level of sensitivity- how she could get anymore sensitive is beyond me, but we have learned to expect the impossible when it comes to Abby.

So, despite clearly feeling better and pushing back toward pre IVIG Sub Q baseline, I am not ready to do our victory dance quite yet that she has bounced back.. I am suspicious and with good reason. Abby's body likes to keep us guessing.

Hoping this rash and itching is transient.. a "no big deal" and "means nothing." Or maybe it means something "good" for once? So I hope. I cannot remember one time yet that a rash meant nothing with Abby, but I can hope! We are ready to have a 1st around here. :-)

At this point though I am claiming victory on her gut. Our precautions of restricting her diet to only a very very safe diet after any stress, illness or trauma, is paying off. Preventative care works, at least with Abby's GI tract. Which means I can start whipping up some funky food this week.. in moderation of course, but it will feel more normal around here with me back in the kitchen doing what I enjoy most.

I am still holding my breath, but hoping the rash is a normal thing for once.. maybe a rash could be a good thing. At least she feels better and overall is headed in the right direction. No reason not to be optimistic.


Anonymous said...

So what is her doc's take on the rash? Does he think it is a delayed reaction or what? I should think that he or she would have some answers in that area.

I am glad she is showing some improvements. Everything seems to be fighting lately...so just hold on tight.
Hugs to you both!!!

Diane said...

Seems that since in general she is improving I think we all decided to try not to worry about it... The rash is bigger today though... so hard not to worry about it! Abby said if she gets stuck with a rash like this each treatment? Won't be long and she would be covered in it.. So hoping like all things it resolves on it's own.. I have been reading that rashes are supposedly not common with sub q, but a lot of patients seem to get them after receiving treatment.. usually not around the site 7 days later(usually somewhere else on their body) but they appear to be harmless. I am so suspicious of any weird things though! It will need to be gone completely before she will chance the next dose..

Anonymous said...

Sounds sensible to me!!! I hope that she doesn't have to be the "Queen of Rashes" Not an honor I am sure she would want... Let's hope for "The Queen of All Better!!!"
If they are so "harmless" ask her doc if they will take the rash instead of Abbie!!! lol

Diane said...

YEs, Queen of all Better sounds perfect to me! :-) That rash is still there looking like it means to stay.. the bruise isn't moving out either..


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