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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Day 3 : Tell Me WHY?

Do you remember reading those books in the library called the "Tell Me Why?" books? They had general ones and then they started making a series more topic specific.. Those were some of my favorite books as a child, they held the answers to everything! Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? If I asked my parents it would have been a "because they are".. rather then take the time to explain. Today we can ask "google" all those burning questions. If there was a gauge that tracked google searching I would be horrified by the amount of time I spend searching.

One of my earliest memories was of watching the news in the evening and listening to the constant talk about how close science was to a cure for cancer.

That was a good 40 years ago.

Have we "cured" cancer? Not all types but, we know a lot more.

We know some cancers are caused by chemicals.

We know some cancers are caused by viruses.

We know some are genetic.

We still don't know why for many types of cancer.

We still cannot prevent many cancers.

We still cannot cure many cancers.

I see a lot of parallels between Mito and cancer. Like cancer, I suspect there are multiple influences in the causes of Mito. We have found some with genetic mutations, but there are still far more without mutations(disease causing,identified)who are sick. If not genes, could something else be causing Mito? What is causing the Mitochondria to be sick? What is causing these new mutations?

We need to know WHY.

Why suddenly this massive tidal wave of neurodegenerative diseases in children and adults?

From just a few to epidemic levels? Why?

Why,why, why?

You CANNOT cure something when you have no idea what caused it.

Think about this; your car quits working. You have no idea how to fix it because you do not know what is broken. You take it to the mechanic who has to figure out why it isn't working, WHY it is broken, then the mechanic can fix your car.

From a parent standpoint, I want a cure for Abby- more then anything I have ever "wanted" in my life. A very close second is to know WHY so many have Mitochondrial disease. If we know Why we can prevent it.

Do you really think an entire generation of children suddenly are so susceptible to faulty genes and sick mitochondria?

That suddenly adults who were healthy have self destructing mitochondria??

Out of the blue mankind is suddenly self destructing?


There must be more to it, if not, mankind is pretty screwed right?

I am sure like a few types of cancer, some cases of mitochondrial disease are faulty genes- just bad luck,inherited, passed on from a bad mix from parents.

For the rest though? We have likely done it to ourselves.

As the field of Epigenetics expands and gains respect we are finding that something so simple as a famine that occurred 2 generations back leaves permanent fingerprints(mutations) on our DNA.

Humans are biologically built to withstand famines and yet still that type of trauma leaves dings of damage on our dna that we pass down through the generations.

Another thought, are there new viruses that are taking root and causing mitochondrial damage? Possible. They are finding that a few cancers are linked to certain viruses.. So, are the viruses new? How do we figure out if there are micro viruses,or unknown viruses causing mitochondrial damage?

We do know that certain medications can cause Mitochondria to dysfunction in certain individuals, Why only a few who take the meds and not all?

So don't you wonder what all the chemicals, radiation, vaccines, plastics, medications are doing to your DNA? Those are not things we evolved to handle. In a very short 150 years we have exposed our genes to toxins that our dna has never encountered before. Talk about leaving some fingerprints on our dna.

How many of us will be damaged to the point of no return because we don't want to face the fact that at least some of the damage to our genes we have done and are doing to ourselves?

Does that mean we all go natural and live in straw huts and hunt with spears? Of course not. What it means though is we need to get real and start thinking further then our own lifespan, what we do today, what we learn today could protect our dna from further dings.

If I cannot cure Abby, second best would be saving the generations that come after her. To do that we need focus on the CAUSE not the Cure. Prevention should be the focus.

We need to know WHY our Mitochondria are getting sick before we can cure it.

Though we are far from a Cure, we are getting closer to knowing WHY our Mitochondria are failing. Once we figure that out, we can work for a cure- until then?

We need to ask the question, Why?


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