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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mitochondrial Disease Awareness: It is your Mito

There is still so little known.

Almost impossible to make a prognosis

No two patients are alike

No staging like cancer

Few Drs.

Often invisible.

No one seems to know what it is..

little support

This journey takes a terrible toll on families. It strips dreams. It strips families. It limit's social activities.

Yet, it is your Mito, and you have many opportunities to fill your glass instead of empty it. It is not all bad. You have choices on every step of this journey. In some ways we have more choices when we are no longer are confined by the social restrictions of our past social circles,more choices in how we opt to live our lives. When the world see's you as a lost cause? That gives you freedom you had no idea existed.

Abby see's her glass as half full. She has taught the rest of us how much we were missing out on, how much of life we had grown to ignore.

It is our journey, her journey.

It isn't easy, it is very hard, but we are learning the best things in life are the things you work hardest to earn.

Abby has gifted us, taught us.

Our glass is half full- is yours?


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