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Monday, September 2, 2013

Still not feeling well..and a DIY Air Cleaner

Well, almost a week since the IVIg, and still not feeling great. Some small improvements, but overall, still not back to baseline. Patience is not something I have much of, but I am sure trying to be patient as the reaction runs it's course. Hoping a couple more days and she will be back on track. On a positive, nothing is "broken" as in needing medical intervention, so this is good, right? These are the times when I am incredibly grateful that Abby is a "fader" and not one to have acute crashes that need a trip to the hospital.

Besides a quick update on Abby, I had to share a neat tip a friend on an allergy group shared with the group.

Make your own air cleaner- Yep, for under 20 bucks too!

Simply use a 20 inch box fan, turn it on and set the filter on the back where the air is drawn through. As long as it is on, the filter will stay vacuumed to the back so no need to tape or clip it on, unless you plan to turn it on and off.

Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and grocery stores all carry good quality AC air filters.

We seem to never have enough air cleaners, I am always spending a small fortune buying another one, buying hepa filters, replacing.

Some claims online suggest this will work as well as a 200-300 dollar version, we will see. I can say, after it being on for 8 hours it clearly has collected some dust already, for 20 bucks? I am very pleased.

Search google for DIY Box fan air cleaner, or DIY air purifier.. Some have gone as far as to customize their set-ups to look far more attractive then a box fan with a filter stuck to the back! :-)

Here is hoping Abby bounces sooner then later.


Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that IVIG sometimes takes a couple treatments to really show a difference...at least that is what a friend told me...
Great idea about the air cleaner...I wish that I could do that in winter...gotta think about that one...live up North.

thought you could look into this. I know that it has raisin juice...but is that as problematic as raisins?? Anyway when we could eat carbs better...we used to use these for nuts!! Just a thought

Diane said...

Yes, they said it takes a few treatments, and even for those who have the nasty side effects they claim it is often worth it.. sometimes you gotta get sicker to get better- I am nervous of that theory though! :-)

Ty for the link! :-) so going to bookmark that! Great idea!

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