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Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Bell for Abby

Fever appears to have broken. 98.5 !!! Let me tell ya, I wanted to drag out a marching band.. for a few minutes at least.

She looks truly awful. Never seen her soo frail,weak,I think the word sallow works,a bit disappointing that she looks as bad without the fever as she did with the fever. This bug took a lot of her.

The look on her face when she realized her fever had broken caught me off guard. I thought she would be as excited as I was.. The thing was I think she thought that when the fever broke she would feel better, and she doesn't. Anyone who had a bad flu, bug etc knows it can take days, weeks really to bounce back. Knowing that the next couple weeks are going to take some patience was disappointing for her.

Her gut is destroyed. It is going to take a long time to get her back to her old self I am afraid. Starting to wonder if a couple years ago when her gut shutdown if it was due more to the sinus infection then the antibiotic- though hard to say, when she reacts to medicines or foods her gut is the first to show stress, and clearly when she is ill her gut shows stress. I suspect we have a very long road ahead getting her gut to play nice again.

Maybe she will surprise us, she regularly does. Fingers crossed she comes back from this faster then we think.

On a positive, I have caught up on a lot of shows, movies, reading.

Abby really hasn't even asked to watch anything of her preference yet. Kind of looking forward to her wanting to torture me with her favorite programs.

Knowing we most likely have some long days ahead, we are buying Abby a bell. Abby has a very soft, very quiet voice even at her best. When she is at her best she can holler though never did even as a baby. She was a "fusser" and rarely cried and never wailed, screamed etc. When she is sick, we are lucky to hear her when she sits next to us. She hates feeling like she stuck in her room, but right now while she is weak as a kitten she does need a little help getting where she needs to go.

Even with the fever broke, she is feeling hot.. kind of interesting because she is always always frozen. Derek and Sara run hot so normally they appreciate it when there is an excuse to keep the house as cold as a meat locker, but she needed it so cold in here, that last night she drove Derek and Sara to hunt for winter clothes, socks and blankets! When she finally gets cold again, I will be pleased, I will know her body is going to back to it's old self again.

Figured a bell is the perfect solution for her feeling stuck, I should be able to hear it most everywhere in the house. I won't have to keep checking to see if she needs something, and she won't feel stuck.

I have a gut feeling I am going to regret getting her a bell, and I cannot wait!


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