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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Getting there...

Definitely on the right track. She looks like she has been run over by a semi this morning, but she had a smile for me.

Her gut is trashed. Every sip is still causing spasms. I really think when that is settled down we will see more progress.

I don't have to put her on the scale to see this bug ate more then a few pds off of her. She does have a nice padding of slight edema so think it is mostly fluid loss. Even Abby was grateful for the edema through this, hard to become dehydrated when you have edema.

Once she can eat and keep it in, I will feel much better.

Thankfully, this is not the norm for Abby to get this sick- ever. If we can keep her from catching anything else for the next couple weeks we ought to be on track. We have banned hand sanitizer from our home, I feel anti bacterial soaps are so over used and contributing to bacteria becoming resistant. I am breaking my own rule for now though, hand sanitizer a zillion times a day for everyone! We are even changing our clothes coming in the house- no secondary infections, PLEASE!! :-)

Grateful we made it through without having to resort to an ER trip.. I cringe at the thought of going near a hospital.

Sometimes the old fashioned way, is just fine. Even for a patient with a zillion weird things in her records, frankly with Abby, old fashioned is gobs healthier and safer.

Fluids and rest. Hoping by tomorrow she will keep a few bites in- I am guessing by weds she ought to be healing up nicely.


Anonymous said...

Hi Diane
Sorry you guys are having a rough time. Sure hope it passes soon.

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