WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Got Allergies?

For the last couple years I often feel like screaming at many of the food allergy bloggers, and Allergy organizations.

For the most part, none acknowledge that corn can kill and daily is making thousands of American very sick. Sadly, there are Drs. that seem to believe the food manufacturers and a few less then corn savvy Allergy Associations rather then their clearly very sick patients- The Drs. quote the Associations, and ignore the patients.

Companies fill their "allergy free" products with hidden corn and tell concerned consumers "Nope, no corn in our products."

Thing is, there are THOUSANDS of patients suffering terribly from corn allergies. We have written many of these companies and explained again and again why their products make us and our children sick.

They don't listen.

Allergy Associations don't listen.

I have noticed many Allergy Bloggers do paid posts supporting various companies that are not safe or friendly for those with corn allergies. Actually, beyond corn-allergies I strongly recommend you read the ingredients on some of these products, some may be free of your allergens, but packed full of worse things.

Living Without actually did a terrific job trying address this growing and frightening allergy. I am grateful that at least one publication has a clue.

We cannot eat Namaste, nor McCormick spices, nor So Delicious, nor Enjoy Life- they ALL make Abby sick,likely corn reactions. It is possible there is something else in the products she is reacting to other then corn, but corn is most likely. Some are honest and admit there could be contamination, while others vehemently claim it is impossible, tell my sick kid it is impossible.

To be clear, there are NO Laws protecting those with corn allergies like there are for those with nut allergies or soy or dairy. So the companies are not doing anything illegal.

If it is fortified(has added vitamins)? Likely corny
If it has a lot of ingredients? Likely corny

We pretty much avoid all packaged foods for Abby, because there are no laws requiring labeling, so EVERY product is a risk.

Also, though we do prefer local, there are corn risks there as well. Bee Keepers feeding the bee's corn syrup, or cutting their honey with corn syrup or glucose(corny).. locally grown meats can be rinsed in citric acid(corny)fed corn, wrapped in corn contaminated packaging.

Safest way, grow it yourself. Sad isn't it? That 1 allergy to corn can completely alienate and isolate a patient. And No One cares.

Some companies are better then others. At this point though? Don't trust any company. They don't understand that when their packaging is lined with hidden corn? That makes us sick. That when they produce other products with corn in the same plant? That makes us sick. That we are allergic not just to the corn protein, but to ALL parts of the corn.

A fellow Blogger posted this one yesterday- If you have food allergies, or corn allergies- it is a MUST read.

Corn-Free Foods(and Products) List

The ONLY safe way to handle a food allergy is COMPLETE and TOTAL Avoidance.


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