WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Not Much

I still haven't bought a camera. The choices are overwhelming. Hopefully, this weekend I will make a good purchase. Starting to miss my old camera, all the new ones have changed a lot in 10 years- hoping a new camera might make my picture taking improve :-) I have a few new experiments that I would like to share.. I will get caught up eventually.

Abby had been struggling pretty badly. We still suspect it was from the IVIg SubQ. All of the IVIg treatments contain corn,seems like the majority of meds and vitamins are corn tainted these days. Last week we did kidney labs. Monday is her appointment. I suspect her kidneys are holding up fine since we haven't gotten a call saying to come in sooner. Hopefully, Monday will show no changes. Every once in awhile when Abby is in a flare it really gets to us. I think this one scared us because she looked more terrible then she usually does and her misery was some how different this time.

Often it is hard to tell whether she is recovering or not, she tends to improve soooo slowly. Clearly yesterday she had made the turn for the better. She is still exhausted but definitely moving around with more ease and her pain levels have decreased. Life is good when she feels good. It is almost like we all stop breathing when she is in a flare, and when she finally starts to feel better, we all finally relax and life continues. Fall for me is allergy season because of the weeds and molds, but she seems to tolerate those well, so hopefully smooth sailing for awhile for her, it is such a treat to see her feeling herself again.

Despite ferments being a no-no for most mast patients I have continued to try with Abby. Since meds and vitamins are not options to help with her GI issues I have continued to focus on trying various foods to make her gut work a little better. Fermented foods are often easier to digest(sourdough). Also during fermentation or culturing the nutritional values often change for the better. So far she has failed most that I have introduced, but we finally found one she does well with, Kombucha.

I originally started the Kombucha for Derek and I, we had finally tried it months ago and took an instant liking to it. Of course I read the label(we read all labels)of the store bought one we drank and were very pleased to see no chemicals,colors, and it contained active probiotics. What really pleased me was that it had naturally occurring B-12.

Finally grew a "scoby" from a bottle of the kombucha I bought and had Abby try it. So far no reactions, no problem, and I am overjoyed to find anything at all with B-12 in it that her body seems to like. A big victory for us.

Added bonus, she hasn't had carbonation in a couple years and missed it. We had tried a few bubbly waters that are corn-free but they must have had something else in them that triggered her. The kombucha is more "fizzy" then carbonated, but close enough!

Hopefully, by next week I will have conquered a new camera and Abby will stay well enough for me to try some new foods with her.


Anonymous said...

have you tried a second ferment with the kombachu? That is one of our favorite ways to have it. We put the kombachu in an jug...toss in some fruit...usually raspberries for us....let it sit for a couple days...and fuzzy drink!! Really tasty , too.

Diane said...

Yes! It adds more fizz! Abby has been adding blueberries or raspberries- they look pretty in the reusable soda pop bottles and taste good too! :-)

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