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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Philadelphia Children's Hospital Bans Dietary Supplements

Saw this yahoo article yesterday and thought it was worth sharing.

Philadelphia Children's Hospital Bans Dietary Supplements

LiveScience.com By By Christopher Wanjek, Columnist
October 10, 2013

This section caught my attention :

"Yet the hospital is drawing a firm line when it comes to unproven dietary supplements, those so-called natural products hailed as cures for just about every ailment under the sun.

The reason is that so many of these supplements — echinacea, CoEnzyme Q10, and the like — are not regulated by any medical authority, and are not proven to cure or treat any disease. [11 Surprising Facts About Placebos]

Even worse, the supplements might interfere with medications that do work."

This really bothered me. Granted, Abby takes no supplements or vitamins because they tend to contain corn or other allergens(as do OTC meds and prescription meds). I have learned in the last couple years that synthetic vitamins aren't as good as the real thing through food. Yet for many patients who are unable to get the vitamins through food, they NEED the vitamins. For many patients with genetic conditions that don't all their bodies to properly regulate various vitamins and minerals they too may need various vitamin supports.

My question is, will they also ban Fortified foods in their hospital? The vitamins used to fortified foods are from the very same companies that they view as "unproven" and potentially dangerous when a patient takes them by mouth.

So, they better ban anything fortified as well.

If I had a child with Mito, on the cocktail and I lived close to that hospital? I would think this article was suggesting I find a new a hospital to care for my child.


Laura said...

I have lab proof that supplements DO help. This is another grab by Dr. Offit ( er...Dr. Proffit) to try to create mistrust of anything Big Pharm does not have their hands in. My son's own Neurologist recommends many supplements ( including CoQ10 in the form of Ubiquinol) for him. And they work. We can see the improvement in the overall lab work from year to year.

Areli Rose's Disease said...

My daughter since the day she was born has had very elevated liver enzymes and a hard/enlarged liver with palpitated. After starting the coq10 her enzymes are lower and her liver is normal to touch. It was the ONLY change to her routine. Conscience? I think not.... I would find a new hospital too

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